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Friday, October 25, 2013

A little bit of catch up in October.......

Oh, always seem to get the best of me!!! This has always been since Em's birthday is this month and so is Halloween but 3 years ago we had Stella and we also have a kid in Marching band. It's crazy! Here's a little bit of what this month has brought us.......

So this pic is kinda crappy but we purchased this really cute faux stove with a heater. None of the fireplaces in our house work so I love having this little thing for the ambiance and it keeps the room warm too.

Some of my recent thrifting finds! I put the shelf together on a day I was bored (ie ignoring housework)

Me and some of my girlfriends. The top one is dinner for a friends birthday,the bottom one cheering on our kids highschool football team!

I took Em to see Peirce the Veil and All Time Low (A Day to Remember was there also) for the second time in less than 6 months. She better never tell me I'm not a cool mom. I even got in the pit with her and dragged her out when I got kicked in the head. When she complains that so and so's mom isn't with them I remind her that I went to hundreds of shows over the past 20 years and know better than to let my kid go unsupervised. Also when we were waiting in line Vic from PTV came out. All the little teen girls squealed like crazy and I snapped that pic of him.

Our little 10-10-10 baby turned 3!!!! We were able to hold her party in our church basement. We kept it at a short 90 minutes. Perfect for toddlers. We did face painting and a pinata. Had kid friendly food like chicken nuggets,apple slices and homemade corn dogs.I found a local lady who does AMAZING cakes and she did this awesome Aquabats cake for Stella. Stella watches Aquabats  All. Day. Long. My brother used to do the same thing with Ninja Turtles and he turned out ok so it's just whatever.....
She got some cute clothes,toys and a bunch of Mooshka Dolls. They are so adorable.

I pounded a bunch of holes in the walls.........

Took lots of pictures of this one. She makes me laugh everyday even if she is the hardest kid so far!

My first born turned 14! I've been a mom for 14 years. Amazing. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how this happened! We are expecting around 25 Jr. High kids over tomorrow night for a party. I'm a little nervous. Praying it will be drama free!!!

Hopefully I will remember to post a little more. I miss blogging, the blogging community etc.....

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