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Friday, May 24, 2013

May so far........

 May started off with the most fantastic Estate sale I've ever lucked out on!
 I got this vintage bottle brush tree,sweet vintage baby clothes plus some neat local stuff like a year book from 1943 and a zoning map. We (Tim and my cousin Joeyann) hit up a few other sales too. She had just returned from the Crafty Chica Cruise and had made me this awesome box. I've been using it to keep all my perfume samples from Sephora and Nordstrom :)

The first Sunday of May I started greeting at church, took a baptism class and went to a meeting for the VBS team. :)

 We spent Mother's Day at home. Tim got me all these goodies from Lush and a new pair of Beats. Then he made me sushi. I was a spoiled Mama this year!

Part of May was spent being angry. Our school district made the decision to send our boys to a different elementary school because we live slightly closer to that one. They are doing it to even out class sizes. The whole process doesn't seem to very fair though. Some kids who live closer were not chosen and my Noah only has a year to go before he joins Emma up at the Jr/Sr high. We may very well be homeschooling him (or even both boys) next year. I did however visit the school and meet the principal. It is a nice school. The staff and PTO were great. But it's not our school. Having to leave our school makes me so sad. Our whole family has made so many great friends up there.8 years worth of friends. Teachers who know my kids. Now we have to start all over again and I don't even get a new house out of it!

Speaking of school though.....Em will be done with her first year up there and come next school year she will be on Colorguard!! Ohhh! Tim and I are soo proud! I'm thrilled to wear a big obnoxious pin with her photo on it and watch her march. A few of my friends are 'band parents' and they said it's so fun. I can't wait!

Em with her practice flag

May has also afforded me lots of times with my friends. Getting together laugh and vent. Getting our hair done together whilst having lots of wine......hanging out at the car cruise together and doing lunch in Oakland.

The kids loved the car cruise. Noah took a pic of nearly every car and Caleb liked to look under the hoods at the engines.

This coming weekend is packed again!  I'm excited!

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