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Friday, May 24, 2013

I forgot about my blog.....oooops!

Curve Balls. I (We) have been thrown a few these past couple of months. First Friday in April I woke up with a stomach thing. Then as the day progressed it turned into a stomach uh..... monster? demon? disaster? catastrophe? It was bad. So bad in fact that Tim took a very sick and dehydrated me to the ER and I ended up being admitted to the hospital until Monday!!

The only good thing about it was that I lost 7lbs and a lot of people sent me nice cards.
Everyone kept asking how they could help us and a few ppl brought us dinner but my biggest request was they would please pray that I would be well enough to make the trip to Indy with Em and her youth group.

I was! We had such a fun time! Such a great group of kids.

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Then it finally started to get nice out. Stella and I have been spending lots of time one the porch :)

Then in mid-April Em and I saw one of her favorite bands live-Pierce the Veil. We had a blast! We were right up front. I had so much fun hanging out with my daughter. I love that we have music in common.

That same weekend we were in the Childrens ER with Stella not once......but 2 times!! Friday night she said her eye hurt (tests came back fine) and Sunday she handed me an empty tylenol bottle and said she ate them. (turned out she ate nothing, it was just an empty bottle). Finally although late we made it to my parents for my nephews birthday party.


Other Things in April: Em tried to get contacts but it didn't happen(yet)....had some fun game nights-one at church,one at a friends. Got nifty new glasses and Toms.

I'll write another later to catch up on May.

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