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Thursday, March 7, 2013

giving up the right things.

    Ok so giving up facebook has been pretty easy. I didn't think it would be but life is ok without it! I'm about to give up something else that is going to be really hard but I'll try- bread {cookies,noodles,donuts etc...)! Now I'm not going totally Paleo here (Mama ain't giving up that glass of wine when the kids go to bed!) but I can't keep saying I have baby fat going back 13 years whilst eating hoagies and brownies. What will make this hard will be my family. They like things breaded,on bread,with bread crumbs etc....

I do vow to drink more water and green tea though. Love my matcha powder!

In other 'Nikki's health sucks' news I have a date with a plastic surgeon a week from today to have this thing in my face removed. While he was poking around he found something else and is taking that out too. Oh,joy.

Tim made sushi the other night. Can't we just have that for dinner every day? I would be ever so happy!

Last night we had our monthly dinner/worship  with our church family.I look forward to it every week and I try to help as much as I can. I love being a part of things there and only regret that we didn't go sooner. Anyways (usually) every month someone gives their testimony.Last nights was wonderful! Jennifer was so inspirational.She made us cry (and laugh!). I'm not sure how eloquently I can put her story into words like she did but you can see her in this documentary titled 'Only God Can Hear Me'. {On an interesting side note when I started churching it at BCC I thought she was familiar to me then it hit me that her family resides a few blocks away from where Gram lived (really our whole family's house in a sense.) and I remember trick or treating at their house!}
 On another 'church' note, I'm accompanying Emma and her youth group to Indianapolis for a youth conference next month. I'm so excited. Plus Jill is going. Woot Woot!! (She yells that every time we do something fun together. I love it.Its a sign good times are ahead!)

I just noticed that I love parentheses.(No,really! I do.)

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Michelle B said...

I can tell you there are some of us on fbook that MISS YOU!!!!! Giving up the breaded stuff is hard, luckily my family is not all about the breading! You can do anything you put your mind to Keep up the faith!