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Sunday, January 6, 2013

First week of 2013

We rang in the 2013 with a house full of friends. Lots of new ones that 2012 brought us. We also had a big menu:  
Almond pound cake,pecan cranberry chicken salad on French bread, Buffalo chicken dip,caramelized onion/Gorgonzola pastries,beer bread,bacon dip,onion onion dip and a New Years Pretzel!!
 I also put together a list of goals for our family. We'll give it another week or so to see how we go.
I got the cutest new quilt from K-Mart of all places. I think it's kind of summery looking and I like that. Over winter!!

Yesterday we had a super big play date with friends and their little brothers. Us moms sat in the dining room and ate and talked. Yay for new friends! (for Caleb and me!)

First thrifting of the New Year was pretty sad. I did however score a vintage Fischer Price school house. Love nostalgic toys!!!

I also felt the need to document this little message that Em left. Thirteens are not even nearly as affectionate as 2 year olds or 6 years old. So this was a pleasant surprise left on the chalk board in the kitchen.

Our Christmas decor went down on the 3rd. Pretty sure that is a new record here in The Orchard. I'm facing some hurdles in decorating lately with this new cat. She's um............crazy? I just witnessed her climbing up behind the tv and almost knocking it over. She has also managed to knock over a Scentsy warmer. For weeks she (and a few pairs of shoes) smelled like 'Eskimo Kisses' :(

Getting ready to celebrate my Dad's bday today. I hope we cheer him up. We found out yesterday that one of his closest friends passed away. Uncle Jim is also my cousin's dad. Very sad way to start off the new year. Any time I get to see my parents these days feels like a big deal. Sucks getting old...........

Hopefully I'll remember to post more these days. Seems like most memories have been going into my Smash Book these days (addicted. yep.)

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