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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 to end 12-12-12

A little list of this weeks happenings:

1)This little sweetheart joined our family:

She is an early Christmas presents for the kids but Tim and I love her too. She's 15 weeks old and just the sweetest thing! So playful and cuddly.We held off for a long time(over 4 years since our last cat)to bring another pet into the house. Emma agreed to be responsible for the litter box so we went and got her on Saturday.She came with the name Sprinkles so we kept it.Even got her a cupcake collar.

2)I've taken on a small job.Cleaning once a week.It's just for this month and puts a little money in my pocket.

3)You have until the 15th to order Jamberry's in time for Christmas. Use code likejamberry for 10% off!

4) Kindergarten for Caleb has just been a great experience so far. For both of us. He's doing great! I love seeing him after school. He loves how he just knows everyone. He gives hugs,high-5's and fist bumps all around.

Kindergarten field trip to Downtown Pittsburgh!
Recently we've been to some parties and field trips where I've gotten to know some of the other moms a bit. They are some cool chicks! I actually don't mind waiting around up there this year.

5)This dude can also read! It makes my heart happy to hear him read me a story.

6)Noah is going to his first concert this weekend. His best friends family is treating him to Toby Mac for his birthday (he turned 11 a few weeks back!)

7)Tim and I had a date night on Friday. We went to Ikea for the Julbord.I think I ate half my weight in smoked salmon.

8)I am making 20 dozen cookies tomorrow. Yes. 20 dozen......

9)Emma has a dance Friday night. It's called 'The Snow Ball'. She has a very grown up (yet modest)looking outfit to wear. She bought it at Forever 21 with her birthday money especially for the dance.

10)I still don't have a tree up. or lights. or anything else. Thankful for those who have sent Christmas cards because at least I have those up to look festive.

11) I'm in love with my new glasses! I did the freebie from Coastal deal. I can't wait to get another pair! What do you think?

12)This Saturday night is also game night with friends! I'm looking forward to just hanging out and having a night out with friends. It's been months since I've done that.

A busy weekend is ahead. I'll be back next week with a recap.


Retro Girl said...

Love the glasses! They're so retro-mod! What was the freebie deal? Cute kitty! Haven't tried Jamberry nails yet…maybe I'll have to give in and give 'em a shot sometime. Follower via Instagram - Retrogirl66. Love your blog!

Melodee said...

love the glasses AND the kitty, both adorable! you look like a teen, I thought that was your daughter at first!