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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

updates on a Wednesday.

Mid-November is amongst us! This means we are about halfway through Birthday Season! Noah is celebrating #11 with his buddies on Friday and then I will have to plan Caleb's in December.

I think it is this time of year I really feel the pressures of being a mom. School starts, I want them to start off the school year on a good note, I want them to have a memorable birthday. I want Halloween to be fun for them.I want Christmas to be filled with magic for them. So now we are a week before Thanksgiving and a little over a month till Christmas.

And I'm tired!

I need to remind myself that I wanted 4 kids. That it's what I feel God called me us to do.Everything I do is for these kiddo's. I clean because I want them to be proud of their home and feel comfortable about having their friends over. I nag at them to jump in shower because I don't want them to be the smelly kid in class. I volunteer because I want them to know that serving is good for the heart!

All these people getting ready for Christmas already? Forget it! We take it one month at a time around here. Besides Christmas is a sacred holiday. Dragging it into mid-November makes it seem kind of trivial to me. Just sayin'.......

So I'm at home all day and if there is one silly thing I look forward to it is getting the mail. A sure bet is sending away for subscription boxes. Currently I subscribe to Goodies,Love Club and Love with Food:

It's like a little present in the mail,just for me! Not to mention I get to sample some gourmet goodies that no one around here would appreciate but me.

It is cold today but over the weekend and Monday we were blessed with a few days of Indian Summer. Stella and I spent some time outside playing in the mild weather even though the wind was pretty crazy. Here she is loving the big breezes!!:

I sent this picture to my mom in law to cheer her up......she is going through some pretty rough times thanks to Sandy a few weeks back and some other things. Can you please keep her(and my father in law) in prayer? Sometimes I think about all of the stuff we've watched our parents go through these past few years and frankly I'm afraid to turn 50 one day! Of course the beginning of our 30's were no picnic so........

Well I'm going to fold the never ending laundry.....or take a nap with Stells. Still deciding.

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Melodee said...

you're a good mamma!