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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thoughts on Christmas in November.

Facebook and Instagram seem to to abuzz with all things Christmas now. I can't help but think because it's not even December that it is not quite the Christmas season yet.

So while the 'Elf on the Shelf' pins and the "I have all of my shopping done" boasts irk me there is something that makes me excited for the Christmas season: A Charlie Brown Christmas.
That nostalgia of the Vince Guarldi music gets me.

So we are out shopping after church on Sunday and my kids are mesmerized by this............

This made my heart happy! My sweet little blondies were into it and we came back 2 more times to watch. So now I'm a little more excited. Especially having a little girl again. Those giggles are pretty much contagious. I think by next year when Stella is 3 she'll be able to have more of a grasp on what Christmas is (for a 3 year old: Jesus' birthday) and seeing the magic in her eyes will motivate me!

Ok,so I'm a little excited for Christmas. I even have a cookie exchange in the works but that is as far as it goes for now. It's still November. Got it?


Susan said...

lol...........I feel the same way about Christmas. I don't do any decorating until it is actually December. We have plenty of time, right? :)

Retro Girl said...

We sorta started decorating the Sunday after T-giving but got side tracked and didn't completely finish. I think we're going to work on our tree tonight and try to get it done. We have to travel to both Canada and Cincinnati for Christmas all in 6 days…so our holiday will be rushed….(kinda feels not worth decorating in a way)…. I wish I could get my son to watch Charlie Brown Christmas…he can't seem to get into the old style cartoon shows.