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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frankenstorm,new friends and how to serve

        I wanted to post this cute pic of Caleb and Stella in their costumes because if things go as predicted,we'll be spending Halloween in the dark! I'm not quite sure how crazy things will get here but they are saying by this time tomorrow hurricane Sandy-AKA Frankenstorm will be hitting the Pittsburgh area. We are semi-prepared I guess. Lots of pop-tab soups,milk and water. Battery operated lanterns,batteries being charged and of course lots of candles.

Luckily they were able to get dressed up for a party at our church and I think they sure did look cute! We had a great time (as we always do there).

Most adorable Jedi and Gnome ever!

Caleb also got to go to a party with his new friend T from Kindergarten. Way back when Em started K at BES she became friends with Juls and now Juls' mom Jill is one of my closest friends. Then Noah went,met Christian his BFF and his mom Karen was instrumental in getting our family back to church and has always been there for us in tough times. Now Caleb is there,met T and his mom and I hit it off right away :)

So on Friday (which by the way was sunny and near 80*) we took a little trip to some local bakeries. I found macarons right here in Pittsburgh!They were delish. My fave is the pink one:Rose-Rasberry

Almost too pretty to eat! Almost....

So today in church we had a speaker let us know about a local ministry that helps out inner-city kids with tutoring,a place to go after school,for a meal etc..

I so badly just wanted to go 'Oh!!Me,I'll help!!'

But restraint is key here.  
Must not commit

I felt so badly about something else I had said I'd help with but couldn't. I was nervous but let the person know today that I was not available to complete the task. I felt sooo much better after I did.

So how to serve others?
I mean it's a must.
But I have to prioritize these efforts.
What is closest to my heart?
Where is my help needed the most?
When can I give my time when money is tight?
Where can I donate my money when I have no time?

I have this amazing urge to just be involved and help but my resources are limited and it upsets me. I also just want to be friendly and get to know everyone and I know that is not really feasible either. So this is whats weighing on me lately. I'm not sure if it's guilt or conviction (there is a difference).

Ahh,enough heaving thinking for one night. I'm gonna go snuggle up in bed and watch an old black and white scary movie while I still have electricity.

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