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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So here I am.34 years old. At one time 34 seemed really old but I don't feel old at all.But the years do seem to go by so fast. And a lot of the times the things I want to do don't happen. So I'm making a list. 35 before 35.Will these happen? I don't know but perhaps putting it down will make me more accountable.

35 Before 35(in no special order):
  1. Read the WHOLE Bible.....Now do I want to do the NIV or The Message?
  2. Make my own spaghetti sauce
  3. master my overwhelming sewing machine
  4. Get my drivers license....or at least my permit
  5. Take Noah to his first concert
  6. Buy and wear jeans that aren't plus sized
  7. Make Star with Jamberry
  8. Take Emma to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  9. Paint a room on my own without relying on Tim
  10. Put my name on the list and go to Craft Weekend
  11. Put more effort into friendships
  12. Get Baptized and officially join my church
  13. Read at least one new book a month
  14. Travel to a state I've never been to before
  15. Try to blog at least every other day
  16. Get a new tattoo
  17. Learn to make my own candles
  18. Take Yoga and/or Zumba lessons
  19. Convince my parents to move closer to me
  20. Be a better Wife
  21. Pray WITH my family more
  22. Get back into making jewelry
  23. Bake more often
  24. Start the basement renovation
  25. Simplify clothing/laundry in our home.
  26. Declutter
  27. Have lots of girl time........with my daughters
  28. Try to have more family get togethers like dinner for no reason
  29. Print more photos and document life in books
  30. Visit our parents more
  31. Get Tim to go to church with me
  32. Grow lavender
  33. Host more craft nights
  34. Organize a cookie exchange
  35. Find a way to display my mug collection

 That was harder than I thought and took me nearly a week to write. Some of these intentions are
important and long over due. Some are trivial. Some are to enrich the lives of others.Some are
completely selfish. Some are changes that need to be made.Some are things that will add to 
things that are already good.

Off to get caught up on that laundry....again.


Mica said...

Happy Birthday Nikki...Hope you have a wonderful 35th year. The list is great...I hope you be able to accomplish those or at least's great to have a goal...time flies that is for sure...I just turned 40 and I still feel young...well some parts of me do. lol. Have a great day. Mica

GiantsBear said...

I think your list and ny list are a lot alike. I think I need to make one of my own too. I have so many things I want to do and accomplish. One is mastering my sewing machine too. I found this YouTube video which led me to a blog where you can do how to video tutorial on learning and using your machine. maybe we can join together and document our progress on our blogs. I will send you the link. can't wait to see your progress. happy birthday!

Melodee said...

happy happy birthday!

kaceyjewel said...

sorry i am late to wishing you but Happy Birthday:))
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