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Friday, August 24, 2012

InstaFriday 8/22

School doesn't start around here till Monday but I figured that part of my routine should be getting back to InstaFriday. I'm really starting to fully embrace the IG population. I really enjoy the glimpses into every day life of people all over US and around the world. Fascinating!I started following one girl who shares my love for vintage Pyrex.... turns out she's my neighbor from just a few blocks up. How crazy is that?

So yeah.....3 more days. I'll have a 7th grader,a 5th grader and a Kindergartner!! I'm really having a hard time with giving him up. I feel sad thinking about it. Luckily he got our favorite K teacher.I think it helps to have already known her for 7 years. I'm really looking forward to being a room mom in her class again.

It's been an awesome week! Here's a peek:

My Bday gift from Sephora!

A little spot cleared for me on the kitchen table. Notice the little lamp I redid?

Using the hashtag #thankfulsweetness Erin added my list of gratitude along with others on her blog!

An early Bday gift from Tim!

check up needed for Kindergarten: No cavities!!
starting off my busy Saturday morning.....out the door at 8am....back home around 10pm.
GNO (another early Bday celebration!) at Benihana. Love nights out with my girlfriends!
another something from Tim!
Duck tape.....the latest in leg wear!
so sweet (I also have to say how much I love hand me downs. Both the PJ's and the squirrel sheet were Em's!)
Seriously LOVE my bloggy/IG friends...... Look What I got from Ellen today!! I feel beyond blessed to know her. I'm thankful for not only the girlfriends I have here in Pittsburgh but the one's I've made all over. I urge you to make a friend elsewhere in this big world and take the time to make their day when you can. It really means so much.
This made me laugh!

So many girls are participating in Kim's mugswap and having a blast with it! Then so many saw what we were doing and were bummed not to know about it sooner! Have no fear! A September Swap is almost here!! Idea's are still in the works but it's gonna happen!

Plans for my weekend: yard sales tomorrow......dye Em's hair for school (Yes,I'm agreeing to THIS It's only hair!)church,get all the school stuff together and relax! #34 is happening in 5 day's and I'm ok with it :)

life rearranged


Melodee said...

oh all such cute pix! love your polkadot nails there girl!!

Ellen said...

Great Insta Post! Love the shades at the dentist!! :)

Deniece Carmean said...

I'm so excited about your swap. I want to do one in October. Can you tell me how to create a button? I would really appreciate it.