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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Virtual Coffee 7/10

Happy Tuesday to you friends!! I'm sitting here this morning sipping on my coffee while an eager toddler begs me to blow bubbles.She does this as she takes her dress off and then screams for me to put it back on her.She also did the dress thing in Red Robin last night.Fun.

I feel as though this summer is flying by! How is it we already celebrated Independence day? Also we are about 10 days away from participating in our 4th Relay for Life. Praying for beautiful weather! A few degree's and a comfortable dew point make all the difference.

Here's a little recap of things since I last posted.........

Here's a little sneaky-peak of Stella's room......I love this color!

Sisters. This makes my heart happy!

Why yes, I did get a little crazy at the Semi-annual sale. Why do you ask?

I've been waiting for the 4th to sport these babies! They are one my very favorite Jamberry designs.I think it's because they remind me of my Wonder Woman Underoo's I had as a kid.

Last week when the temps went way up we did get a quick thunderstorm. This is the sunset that followed it.
I found it to be breathtaking!!

This is a little DIY I did with an old spice rack I got for 50 cents.I spray painted it and backed it with some scrap paper. Instant nail polish rack!


Ok, so the reason I posted today is this: The pic above. I posted it on Instagram and one of my IG/Blog friends-Rachel asked me if I was linking up for coffee today. I havn't done that in a while so I said I would since she brought it up!
That pic up there is my goal/dream board. I was inspired to do this by my friend Tiffany. Tiff is not only my friend but my mentor/upline in Jamberry. (*I don't want anyone to think that Saving For a Rainy Day is now a business blog where I'm trying to sell you something. It's not like that at all. It's just that Jamberry is a big part of my life now and I'm really excited about it!) She shared her board with us at our meeting on Sunday and was really happy to share what she was able to cross off. So that's mine.The ways I hope to make life better for me and my family.

Linking up with Amy @  Lucky Number 13 
For Virtual Coffee!!


{Amy} said...

i love that room color too, we have a room in a similar color. i love almost any shade of blue though! i had to laugh about the dress thing, i remember those days too well! : ) good for you for having goals and working towards them-- i am trying to do the same and not just dream about them but try and make them happen. i am glad you joined in for coffee this morning, have a great day!!

Rachel said...

Hey Nikki! That little Stella has some serious personality! I love it! Glad that you are loving jamberry nails. And I'm really thinking about making a goal board or something. If they come true just by writing them down, I'm in!
Thanks for coffee!
Happy Tuesday!

Verena said...

nikki, can't wait to see Miss Stella's room. love the color, too!
Seems you have found something that brings you joy and money with jamberry. Good for you!

Melodee said...

Stella's room color is amazing! love it! your nails are adorable, too!!!