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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a morning on the front porch

I'm sitting out the porch this morning.It's already pretty warm out. I've been opting for the iced
coffee these days.Which I don't think is very good for me. I put 2lbs back on.Although it could be the lack of exercise that comes with near 100* temps. It's nice and quiet. The downside is that the gentle breeze wafts the stench of the neighbors dog crap over here :(

I was thinking last night as I was scrolling through Instagram.I thought 'This is the new blog.' What I mean by that is that's where I keep up with all my favorite (well most) interweb peeps.That is where they keep up with me. I love Instagram but is it really replacing blogging as we know it? Or is it just me and my laziness?

I can't believe it's July already!! Do you know what that means?? My sweet little baby guy will be starting Kindergarten NEXT month!! I'm not sure my heart is ready for that. Caleb is the first of  my 4 who never went to daycare or preschool. It was always just him and mama till Stella was born. But then when he goes her and I will have lots of girl time.

Speaking of girl time with Stella............
We are finally working on her room.Girlfriend is coming on up being 21 months old and still sleeps with us.Em's old room is finally being prepped for her. All of the priming is done with the exception of baseboards. We have no plans for the 4th tomorrow so we'll spend the day painting away. Of course I'm in a big hurry to decorate.I've been getting some printables ready to frame and of course I can't wait to get
her dollhouse bookcase together with her Little Golden Book collection in it!! It's gonna be so adorable!
I will of course have a big ol' post about it when it's finished.

Well,I think it's time to go inside. I hear the loud,obnoxious neighbors.......the garbage truck is getting closer and the smell is getting stinkier as it get's hotter. Gotta love summer time!!!


Melodee said...

hope you will be taking some pix of Stella's room! would love to see what you are doing:) happy summer...glorious summer, iced coffee and a little too warm weather haha

Jamie Skaates said...

Hello new friend! We have been matched for the gift exchange :) Love your cute blog, and your font choice is divine!

I totally agree about instagram...I find myself being lazy about blogging too when instagram is so easy. I encourage you to keep it up though, you will be happy you did in the years to come! Looking forward to finding you a great thrifty find :)