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Thursday, July 26, 2012

After 21 months.............

Stella girl finally has a room.We had every intention making sure this was done before she was born but we had to get Em's room done (as this was her old room). Plus if you've been following for awhile you may remember that the year Stella was born was absolutely craptastic. (My dad had a stroke,my pregnancy was difficult,my husband lost his job,I had a blood clot after she was born and my little sister passed away. Get it?)So such things as painting got pushed way back!

Well now it is done. And SUPER cute.
Take a look for yourself..............................

Sleeping beauty in her crib...........

reading nook. Got this idea off of Pinterest.

She is so happy and just loves it in here!

Finally! A place for all the Golden Books we've been collecting :)

This needs some height......we are also going to paint the panel with chalkboard pain.

The thrifted cradle and house shelf I painted a few months back.

Mirror from Blessings Unlimited. It says 'This is the face of someone Jesus Loves' LOVE it!!

Still have a few things to do in there. I want to put a shelf up over the window (There's about 2 feet between the top of the window and the ceiling). Some decals or something over the crib and of course a gallery wall.

I also want to do a few more things from the Pinterest Board I made for her room.


These go on sale tomorrow for a limited time only!!!

And these are going bye bye!

Still Buy 3 get 1 free! 
I'll be at the Starlite Car Cruise tomorrow night in the Ladies Corner repping Jamberry. So excited!

Happy Thursday! Tell someone you love them today.


Melodee said...

awe her room is darling!!!

Lorren said...

Her room looks great! What a special treat that must have been for her.

Ellen said...

In my order of Jamberry I got the red white and blue swirls... I wore them for an Olympic party... THEY WERE A HIT! So fun!!