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Friday, May 4, 2012

InstaFriday 5-4

I'm going to attempt InstaFriday for the first time in awhile even though I'm so frustrated with Blogger but it's free and I guess you really can't complain about Free right??

This week FLEW by! It was one of those weeks going into it I though nothing was going on until each evening rolled around and stuff needed to be done!
Onto the pics and a little more about my week.............

So over all the red. I'm thinking turquoise but then again I'm always thinking turquoise and one day I'll say So over all the turquoise! But I'm also very much over the dark dining set,the cheesy angel border and the lame lighting fixture.

Happy Mail from my super awesome Penpal Shannon! Other Happy Mail this week included a postcards from Paris and the cruise my cousin was on. A card from my friend Erin and my new business cards!

My Aunt Amy and My Mum at Aunt Aye's church. My mom is her 'Hero'...... She's mine too!!! Can you tell they are indentical twins? Actually they are 2 out of 3 from a set of triplets.......

Emma Girl(who won't smile!!) had her last elementary chorus performance last night. She just got her schedule for the JR/Sr high next year. (Honors Writing!! That's my girl!!!) We are also gearing up for all the 6th grade graduation activities... including a dance that will follow with a sleepover at our house. Tim has threatened to take the boys to a hotel that night LOL

Stella-Belle looking cute as can be!

This week's weather....MUGGY!!! It was snowing a week ago.......

Me and Him......using a gift card at PF Changs............Going on 14 years together........and we talk about how much we love our kids when we are out.

Earned this decal when I had an Uppercase Living Party. Felt it was missing something so I added the fabric hoops. Love it!

I get a little teary thinking about shipping this one off to Kindergarten in less than 4 months!!

Other Great news this week: My Noah was suggested for Gifted! Now that doesn't mean he's automatically in. He needs to go through some testing first but I'm very proud that they feel my guy should at least be tested. He's very excited. Please say a prayer for him. He's not a sport's kind of of kid (Although he is in running club) so his brain is where it's at for him.

Tomorrow is the Ladies Tea at church. I'm taking my Mom! When she moves back this way I'm having her go to BCC with me.
1 week till our DC trip!
1 month till our New Orleans trip!
2 months til Relay!

Thank You Lord for this wonderful,crazy,flawed and beautiful life. I want to make the most of it in Your Name!

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Mica said...

I am with ya...we are busy busy too. My girl graduates from 6th grade, son from college and hubby from seminary. Sounds like you have your plate full. Have a great weekend! Mica

Melodee said...

can't wait to see what color you paint! love your pics, and how fun your trips are coming up soooo soon!