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Thursday, April 5, 2012

While I'm laid up..............

Where have I been?

  • I helped serve at a funeral luncheon on Saturday.
  • I went to see Casting Crowns with my mom and sister later that evening.
  • Church on Sunday with my cousin
  • a bit of shopping and Mani/Pedi's after
  • Saw The Hunger Games again on Monday evening with Em and some of our friends.
  • A lovely evening in the ER after that...........

I went to bed that night with a back ache. When I moved my back went into some horrible spasms. Like bite the pillow horrible. So I've pretty much done nothing while on some stuff that makes me feel a cross between groggy and groovy. Also I've been pretty tight with my heating pad these days.


I've also taken to drinking nothing but water. Which means I got up to pee twice during the movie.Luckily I've already seen it. You know what I don't want to see again though? The Fred Movie. My kids have it on again. Also they are off for the next 5 days. Pray for me!!

We booked our flights for NOLA the other day and the visitors guide arrived yesterday. I'm so totally excited. I can give up my diet while we are there right? I do not like banana's but I LOVE Banana's Foster!! Mmmmmm............

We have nothing to going on this weekend. Just a nice quiet family dinner on Easter. No getting the kids all dressed up,no stressing over having the house clean. I'm sooo ok with this. I need to just chill and focus on what Easter is all about anyways.

What are your Easter plans? Any good recipes to share? The kids have requested mac n cheese but we are eating healthier these days so I need to tweak my recipe.

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