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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some things on late Thursday morning.

I'm still here! I'm not going to say I was busy. That word is over used. I will say I was....preoccupied. Yeah,that's it! I was preoccupied.
Monday evening I was sitting on the front porch with Tim. It was very warm but also quite windy. All I could think was how thankful I am to God. In that very minute I felt totally content. I have a loving,successful husband,4 great kids (2 of  each! in all age ranges),a house,friends,a church I love. I'm blessed. I've been through some crap in my life. I will more than likely experience more crap.But overall it's a good life.

Lately this good life has been preoccupied with:

*My Jamberry Nails business. I'm rocking it and I LOVE it!! It's so fun.Plus I've made an awesome friend in Tiffany. I joined her JN team and she joined our Relay for Life team!!

*Erin and I hit up the Rummage House! She's never been there and had so much fun! I scored a whole box of vintage ribbon for a buck,some old books and 2 vintage jewelry boxes. Then Tim and I went to some sales and we found a very old free standing projector screen. Perfect for movies on the deck this summer :)

*It was a weekend of birthdays. I went across the street to my new friend/neighbor Natalie's tea party and the next day to celebrate my nephew Jake and neice Leah's birthdays. Their birthdays are so bittersweet. My heart aches that their mama isn't there to celebrate with them. It's times like that when I miss my sister the most. 

*Emma had a friend over this weekend. She's very cool. Reminds me a lot of my BFF in high school. In fact my sister said the 2 of them together was like flash backs of Jill and I.

*Church was awesome. Did you know Alice Cooper is a Christian? and that he has his own ministry?
Pastor Chuck made sure we knew. We also sang THIS. I  signed up to go to the Woman's Tea with my friends Jill {not jill from highschool} and Amy and our girls. LOVE it there. LOVE it!!

*Last night I met up with mom's from school to discuss the 6th grade graduation dance. Our babies are just about done up there. We have an awesome time planned for them. My sister is even going to come set up and do pictures!! Plus we are making a slide show with pics of the kids through the years since Kindergarten. I think we might be more excited than the kids. Plus it was great just to get together a fun group of women. We laughed A LOT!!

* Finally hung my earring holder I did for a craft night a few months back. I love how it turned out. I also cleaned up my dresser a bit and added my new/old jewelry boxes.

                            Looks cute,don't you think?

Now I know I found this idea on Pinterest but I can't find the link. I just don't want to take credit for an idea that wasn't mine.

Well, I don't know how soon I'll make it back on here so until good bye until then!

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