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Monday, March 26, 2012

We are SOOOOO there!

I got some super news on Friday after I wrote my Instagram post.

We are going to New Orleans!

I seriously love my husbands job. They are too good to us!

 I'm so excited. I've been wanting to visit NOLA for years now.
Like Vegas it's for a conference.
The thought of the heat makes me a bit nervous though.



I'll be busy the next 2 and a half months researching stuff to do,where to eat,what to see etc... What to do with myself while he's in conference's and trainings.

So this means I'm going to fly again. That thing I said I'd never ever do. I'm so grateful that God lifted that fear from me.Now that I'm cool with flying new doors are opening.I want to go everywhere and see our country....our world. If you've been to NOLA before please leave me some tips in the comments section!!

So this weekend was pretty good! I went out with my neighbor on Saturday morning to some kids consignment sales.We bought our baby girls (hers is 2 months younger than Stel and a head taller!)a summer wardrobe on the cheap.I think they'll be the best dressed girls on our street! I felt sick the rest of the day Saturday :( but by Sunday morning I was 100% again. (Or close to it. I'm still waiting on the day I'll feel 100%)Went to church and then Mom,Em and I were off to see The Hunger Games! We actually saw our friends Erin and Gracie there so they sat with us :)

 I think Em and Gracie could pass for twins.Don't you?

We loved the movie. It strayed slightly from the book but most book-to-movies do. I think we'll go see it again! Did you go see it this weekend? What did you think?

Well I'm off to look at the Meatless Monday website for some dinner ideas. Although we've been doing this more than once a week. Spinach and Avocado are main staples in our diet these days. And my downfall? 
Trader Joes Cocoa Almond Spread. Oh my gosh. I was a sucker for the cute packaging and now I'm a sucker for the delicious taste! Next time you are at TJ's grab a jar. You won't be disapointed!!

It's a new week. Make it a good one!


FeltByRae said...

Oh, I have always wanted to go to New Orleans, bit far from the south west of England though!

So glad your fear of flying has been lifted, I have only flown a few times and now 'look' like I'm doing ok but on the inside it's a different story!

Melodee said...

you must be so excited for your trip!! how fun! we saw the movie, too, twice. loved it! there were a few differences but I think they did a great job!!

EShan said...

its crazy how much they look alike!!! twins for sure lol sooooo we need to go see that movie again :D

Shannon Bromenschenkel said...

SOOOO jealous!!! My husband and I were JUST talking about New Orleans at dinner time! Dream vacation!