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35 Y/O wife to Tim and mom to Emma,Noah,Caleb, Stella and 2 babies in Heaven.Trying to walk in the path of the Lord and carrying my family with me. I love our 1902 home we purchased more 10 years ago. It is constantly evolving and goes through whatever changes my little heart desires. I love vintage treasures and I'm always on the hunt for them! My hope is that this blog will be a constant scrapbook for my family and home,a place to make new friends and just somewhere to lay out my thoughts,even if they aren't beautiful or inspiring. XoXo-Nikki

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Virtual Coffee 3-7

Ahh,time for coffee talk on a Tuesday. I'm doing the tea thing again-Earl Grey. I woke up with a sore throat.

  • Winter came back.While we had a houseful on Sunday.Stuck around yesterday. I hear it's taking a hike today. *Crossing my fingers!*
  • My sister finally got an iphone. We 'face timed' with the kids last night.They pretty much thought it was the coolest thing ever. I thought of PeeWee's playhouse. The future is now peeps!
  • Art is alive here in our house! I bought some canvas' and watercolors at the Hob. Caleb had a blast with them (So did I). Emma came home from school announcing she won the Hat in the Cat art contest at school for her grade.{$5 gc to Target}and she is currently working on a piece I commissioned for her to display in the kitchen.

So loved this time together!

  • I'm a little bummed that Emma is sitting 'Girls on the Run' out this year. It's my fault for not getting the form in on time. I don't post every detail of our lives on here but lets just say there's always tons more going on behind the scenes. I'm basically managing a big family here and sometimes I mess up. 'Nuff said.
  • The sun just came out. Love that!
  • I'm excited about this weekend. We are getting together with some friends to plan a trip together. More about that later.

I admit I've been struggling for content and fodder here. I know that not a whole lot of people read this little corner. I'm ok with that. This is my outlet.More or less for me to look back on. I have to remind myself that when I see so and so has 10 comments on the tiniest post about a trip to the grocery store or someone else has hundreds of comments on their post welcoming their what seems like 50th kid into the fold. That is God's plan for them,their family,their blog. God is still showing me his plan. Sometimes he surprises me. Sometimes I wonder what he's up to.Sometimes I'm so giddy with excitement over his provisions.

So far this is what I've figured out {or so I think}:
I'm married to a great guy.
We have 4 kids and are all done.No more babies coming out of here and adoption has not touched his heart.
and that is ok.
We live in this house,in this community. We aren't going anywhere.
I have a love/hate relationship with this house. I will make the best of it.
Some really craptastic stuff has happened to my family. HE guided us through all of it.I think we handled it with a wonderful grace only HE can provide. We will continue to.
Right now,in this moment I stay at home with the kids. This might be long term.This might stop when Stella goes to school. All of my kids will go to the local public school. Again,we will make the best of it.
God is in control. I know this much is true.



Verena said...

we love art, we love old houses, we love sweet comments on our blog. So here is one for you. I hope your sore throat does not turn into anything bigger. Cause we all know if mama ain't happy no one is ;)Enjoy your day Nikki( do you still speak a little German???)

Rachel said...

Nikki, Love the blog!
Love that you guys love art, love that you aren't perfect either :), love that you drank earl grey for coffee talk. And even more that I found another awesome blog who centers on God. Keep sharing! I'm hooked!

Jo Ann said...

I read your blog, I actually look forward to your posts!

Danna said...

I love your post and so enjoy reading your blog!
I'm sorry to hear that you have a sore throat, I hope it gets better soon!
The art sound like so much fun :)

Tracy said...

I'm with Joey I read all the time even if I don't comment. (Even though it says I'm from Elieria Ohio)

Claire said...

ahhhh! kids and a paintbrush - that's when magic happens!! how wonderful....
and thanks for coffee :)