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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Virtual Coffee 3-27

So I had this post in my head for Virtual Coffee today. In it I was going to list all the dumb stuff I did as a teenager. Then I realized I'll have a teen on my hands in about 7 months. I don't want to remember being a dumb teenager. Besides I thought of this Pin from last night:

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Isn't that wonderfully true? I need to stay present. Content in this time in life. But memories live on..........

I had my coffee hours ago.Now I'm feasting on my Green tea latte. Sooo yummy! and I drink it from my cool cup that Josie bought me. Today I would tell you my heart is heavy. My cousin's cousin passed away. I didn't know him very well but we had mutual family and attend the same church. He's just my age. It's a sad thing when some one your own age passes away. This takes my mind to losing my cousin Scottie at only 32 a few years back and of course my sister.

Really no matter what my sister is always on my mind. I could be thinking of something simple like grocery shopping and I would think of grocery shopping with her. Or the time we were desperate and fashioned a diaper  out a plastic bag,a maxi pad and duct tape. McGyver would have been proud! I wish she was here with me to laugh about that. I chuckle at the thought. Manda,I miss you so much! No need for duct tape huggies in Heaven but maybe we'll make one again some day. Just for fun. <3

I'm hoping to go see The Avett Brothers in May. I have no one to see them with. I don't know anyone 'in real life' who likes them. This takes me back to the summer of '99. I was very pregnant with Emma and I really wanted to see Hole. Nobody wanted to go with the pregnant chick. I'd put a damper on the fun.But Manda went with me.It was fun.She wasn't afraid to be seen with me and my big belly.........

I have a week few days ahead of me with no plans. Our summer-like weather is gone. What to do? I think I need a new craft. Or maybe I should just get a box of garbage bags and throw away all the clutter these guys here won't miss. Wait,that's probably my stuff ;)
Thanks for listening to me. !!


PS Do you play Draw Something? I'm Nikkimomof4 if you want to start a match.


Mica said...


Thanks for the coffee break. Thanks for sharing, I am sure it is not always easy to wear your heart on your sleeve. Sorry to hear about your cousins, cousin. And your sister. I have one teen and my girl is heading in that direction in a couple years, though her body is fully a woman already at 11...It has been a rough year thus far as she has bloomed overnight is many ways unthinkable. My boy will be 18 this Summer, makes me feel kinda old. I remember being 18 like it was yesterday. Anyhoo, just embrace it all with joy np matter what their age, for it surely does fly by so very fast. Have a wonderful week ahead and hope ya find someone to go see that concert with you. I would if I could...but too far away!!! hugs, mica

Claire said...

finally, i'm dropping by for coffee...
our loved ones are never far from our hearts... memories of them are precious, if also bittersweet...
thank you for sharing x

Claire said...

i just to let you know i've made a VC post today and set up with mr linky if you want to join in...
i know some of us have missed our coffee chats :)