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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virtual Coffee 3-20

It is still Summer-like here in Pittsburgh on this first day of Spring. Yesterday I put all of the heavy wool coats away and sent Emma's boots up to her room to store in her closet. I've been trying to do some hardcore cleaning around here because on Thursday evening I'm hosting an Upper Case Living Party.

No matter what it is always coffee weather.Grab a cuppa and listen to me gush about my recent finds.
This past (HOT!) weekend brought way to more junking with my boys and Stella. Emma was at the Revolve tour with other girls from the church that we TRY to attend.(I sort of miss Saturday evening service!)

Anyways a few of the highlights are:

A baby doll cradle for Stella's room. Tim thought it was ugly.I love it! Only $8,made in Romania and NOT made out of pink plastic!

This really pretty aqua blanket. $1.Everything at that book was only $1 but this is the only thing that struck my fancy. Oh! Fancy! Love that word!

Stella (along with a little peep of my foot.Note to self:do NOT wear Tom's when on your feet all day) got pushed around in the warm sun all day while Mama hunted for treasure's for her room! Oh,the life she has!

Thanks for joining me for coffee. I have to go figure dinner out. I want to go healthy but I'm seriously craving some Pioneer Woman sour cream noodle bake.Speaking of the Pioneer woman,she was in town yesterday and 3 of my friends met her!! I sat that one out :(
Oh well. I will comfort myself with some of that creamy goodness and just use lowfat sour cream.
Have a great day you guys!!



Rachel said...

I follow the Pioneer Woman on instagram too and LOVE HER! Her blog rocks as well. I was thinking that if I were in Pittsburgh, I would have tried to meet her! Oh well :)
Thanks for coffee girl!

Melodee said...

love the colors in that blanket!