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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virtual Coffee 3-13

Good{Mid}Morning! Well,I hope it's good,better than yesterday. Yesterday I was in a nasty mood. Then at 11pm I decided to break my string of healthy eating and bake cookies. I ate 4 huge cookies and went to bed.I also slept too late today.

Plop your bum down on the seat next to me.I promise to try and not wine to you anymore.But I will tell you about the newest schemes I have for the house. Besides,just having that window open with the fresh air coming in is doing wonders for me! (70*'s today! Can you believe it?!?)

I want to tell you about my idea I have for some clutter control.All that stuff you see just sitting in the front hall? I want it gone. Well,not gone but out of sight. When Tim and I were at Ikea the other day I saw those
Expedit shelves.You know the ones.All the cool bloggers have them in their craft rooms. Well,I want them in my hallway.Each kid will get their own cubby(with a door or basket) to place toys,flip flops,gloves there. They will fit almost perfectly on the one wall.And to treat myself I'm thinking that wall should have some super cute Orla or Anthro wallpaper. Ok,at this point I'm probably dreaming :)

So here is my other idea: You know that super cute old cabinet I got a few weeks back? Currently it is housing a whole bunch of craft stuff and finds from junking. But I was thinking of using it as a beverage center.For my Keurig of course and my tea and mug collection.There is even enough room in the bottom for a tiny fridge to hold creamer,bottled water.etc.... I'm sure Tim will roll his eyes at me when I mention this one.

Oh and one more thing. This is actually my comment on a friends blog but I copied and pasted it to share:
Now much to my dismay my Emma-who is 12-is not real big on reading. When I was her age I was devouring books.So it has broken my heart that she didn't follow suite.

BUT on Thursday after school she hijacked my Kindle and has read HG non stop! As of last night she is 33% through Catching Fire.

My heart is swooning that she is reading and that we are connecting over it :)

Ok,I had to get that out. Really,I'm that excited about it!!!

Thanks for having coffee with me. I would invite you to sit on the porch with me for a spell but uh,that purple toilet is still hanging out there.Cue the Sanford and Son theme!!



Verena said...

even though I do not have a cool craft room, I do have the expedit shelf. What can I say, I love it and it survived 4moves( one from overseas) and is still going strong in my little mans room.It is def. worth the money! Ha I can go on and on if that helps you convince your man ;) Have a great day! I have one of mine home sick. I hope to join coffee later....

Danna said...

I love that shelf, my heart swoons with such thoughts of organization. I need to do that, sigh. I loved reading the Hunger Games books and cannot wait to see the movie, eek! I love the idea of having a drink area. We kind of did that in our breakfast nook, it's too small for the five of us to sit so that's where our Keurig is as well as the tea. Nice having coffee with you :)

Mica said...

hello, visiting via virtual cofee on Amy's blog...Love your happy blog, thanks for inviting us over to read. Loved every minute of it. hee hee...Have a great week.Mica/The Child's Paper

Claire said...

ah! clutter control... *sigh* there is never enough storage in UK homes!! and isn't it precious when a child finslly gets into reading?? my daughter showed no interest until she turned 12... but her head's been stuck in books ever since!! you have to trust they'll find their own way... thanks for coffee and chat :)

Rachel said...

Clutter. I am no stranger to it. I need HELP! My craft room is slowly coming too. Have I mentioned that I'm NOT craft? Haha. I love the apple table cloth! You're too cute Nikki!