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Friday, March 16, 2012

InstaFriday 3-16

Oh,what a week it's been. Summer seems to have kidnapped Spring before it has even got here!The calender says it's still Winter yet this week we have had open windows,played with chalk and bubbles,gone for ice cream and the kids have worn shorts. I broke out the flipflops but I realize now I need a pedi desperately before I go around sporting those.

Onto InstaFriday!.........................

Aww,someone sure does love his little sister!!

Went through a thing of old photo's with Emma. I loved taking pictures of my space even back then. The other pic of me is from January 1998. My sister and I were on our way to go see Oasis.

Saw this chandelier in Ikea on Sunday. I think it would look awesome in my dining room!

Ugh!!! Started taking down that flower border in Emma's old room/Stella's new room.It came off right away! Only to reveal that bow stuff underneath.Thanks so previous owners......Not!

Seriously?? Could she be any sweeter????

In an attempt to save some $ and watch what we eat/drink we are making our own green tea lattes and smoothies.

The smoothies were enjoyed during a wonderful thunderstorm last night!! 

Couldn't resist these thanks to the little bow on them. 

 life rearranged


nicole@ said...

Stopping by from life rearranged> i have to ask, where did yoiu get the incrediable hulk glass? my son is obessed with incrediable(and my husband) lol! Love the pictures.

Holly said...

I love the pigtails, and the bow trim on the wall is so tacky it's actually almost awesome! Almost. :P

Dropping by from InstaFriday!