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Monday, March 5, 2012


So I had such a wonderful,fun and utterly exhausting weekend! I even neglected InstaFriday this time around. Friday night was Arts Odyssey. Its district wide showcasing visual and musical arts in our schools. I was very impressed. We have some really talented kids around here. Emma is in her last year of Elementary chorus. They did a medley from 'The Sound of Music'. Then the middle/high school kids did selections from Andrew Lloyd Weber. Freakin' fantastic! They obviously have a wonderful chorus teacher up there so Em will be in good hands next year. She also had a piece of artwork displayed:

{It was way to high up for me to get a decent picture}

I had been waiting for Saturday for what seemed like forever! I had a great girls day out planned for my mom's birthday. I wanted to make my the weekend awesome for her. If you know me or have been reading for awhile then you know that life has really thrown some lemons our family. Especially my mom and dad. My mom is like human super glue holding us all together. I really wanted the whole weekend to show her that we love her and appreciate her. Me,Mom,my sister Courtney,brothers fiance Nikki,Aunty Kathy,Josie and my cousin Joeyann. First we hit up the Rummage House. Check out the line to get in at 7:45am:

Good thing we were early! I scored 6 bags of Shiny Brites for $4!!
We used the iGaragesale app and went to a few other places. Here are just some of my finds:
Old Kids books.The illustration back then is just so happy!
Dishes,Saucers,Plates! I'll take the lot!

               After our excursion we lunched at the Olive Garden.My brother joined us all of us girls.That made 8 so they gave us that fun little alcove all to ourselves. Our conversation included moments where I thought someone would either pass out or pee themselves from laughing so hard.
                Then some of us parted ways and some of us shopped more. By the time I got home I had been out and about for 11 hours! My feet were screaming at me. I still had my lasagna sauce to make and dinner for everyone else. I was in bed by 10. I slept really well which is a first in a long time for me.

      Yesterday I hosted the whole family (17 of us) for lasagna dinner for my mom. I had only made lasagna once before.This was also my first time ever making my own tomato sauce. I'd say it was yummy.Maybe a little too saucy though. My sister brought the cake. Half almond half chocolate. The almond is a detriment to my diet.

Moms cake! Yes my mom is only 50!! 50 and fabulous!!  She's been kicking ass at Motherhood for almost 34 years :)

Opening her gifts! She got an Amazon card (for her Kindle Fire my dad got her!)from my brother and family,Casting Crowns ticket and a Primrose from us (My mommy loves the Hunger Games right along with me!) along with some other small goodies and a new Vera tote from my sister and her family.! I like to think we took good care of her!

 Liam and his icing mustache. How gorgeous is he?

My brother Cody and Stella

Now that this weekend is over I am going to relax today.
Listen to music.
Sip some tea.
Make some lists {like a menu.....whats for Meatless Monday tonight?}
Play with Stella.
Paint with Caleb.
Watch some tv with Noah.
LISTEN to Emma {We are gonna get through this puberty thing together. It's been rough on all of us. I miss my sweet little girl.If I can't blame puberty then the pod people must have gotten to her.}
Have a swell day!

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