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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A breif visit with the outdoors.

Spring has arrived! Perhaps not officially but the temps are close to 70* out there.

And we are inside.

I took them out earlier.
We walked (a few houses up).
We did bubbles.
We did chalk.

Stella is not easy to corral. I was so nervous she was going to run into the street.
The yards are still damp so the only  place to play right now is the driveway.
I woke up feeling yucky. Had my coffee and vitamins. Felt a bit better.

A migraine came on.
Dragged 2 unhappy kids back inside.
I gave into Caleb and let him use my phone and watch tv.
Stella is napping.
I wish I was too.

I compromised with an open window.
Just one.
In case winter decides to remind us that he is not really gone after all.

Hopefully Spring will say and the headache will go away.
And playing outside will commence.


Rachel said...

Headaches are the worst. They are not my friend, but show up often. Hope you feel better soon! I'm so ready for Spring to stick around. Loving the warmer weather!

Melodee said...

yah to the warm weather, yuck to the migraine:( hope you're feeling better soon

Danna said...

Ugh, I am so sorry to hear that you had a migraine! I have had headaches the last three days :(
Yay for outside time, your kids look like they were having so much fun!