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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Virtual Coffee 2-7 Plans and L.O.V.E.

See my new mug? Isn't she pretty? $5 at Marshall's! What a find!
Anyways....Thanks for joining me for coffee.

So many fun things just got penciled into my planner.I'm way excited.
  • On Leap Day,well evening I suppose,Josie and I are planning a Ladies Night out dinner.Leave work/school/home/hubby and kids behind.Just come out for food and conversation. 
  • Plans for my Mom's bday. Not so much a surprise anymore but that's ok.I'm so excited that the rummage house will be open that day. We are having a girls morning! After that we will hit up the antique store and whatever else can find. Then my mom,sister and me will meet with my brother for lunch. I was also going to surprise my mom with her birthday gift but she knows about that now too LOL!
  • Which would be tickets for Casting Crowns at the end of March.Me,mom and my sister so far. I extended the invite out in case anyone wants to join us. We'll be getting our tickets this weekend.
  • Then of course there is a date night with hubby to see The Hunger Games. We won a Fandango giftcard along with a PF Changs giftcard at his work Christmas party.Perfect excuse to use them!
  • Easter weekend has us going to spend time with Tim's family.Fresh country air,Easter Egg hunts and the chance to stay in a hotel. YAY!! 
  • April 20th will hold a Mom/Daughter Night! Secret Keeper Girl is coming to our old church!! Gotta hurry and get my tickets for that :)
Love,Love,Love how my Spring is starting! I'll finally have some great stuff to put in my SMASH book! I have all the stuff and nothing in it yet.

Ok,I'm also gonna share this. He'll probably wanna kill me but I like sharing my favorite things on here right?

In this day and age our 13+ years is a long time.I'm proud of them. Starting out as the clueless 20 year olds we were.I smile (and sometimes shake my head!) looking back. I love us.


 Have a lovely Tuesday.


Lesley at Fabulously Flawed said...

Awww, what a sweet text message. Your husband is good people.
Sounds like you have a fantastic month planned!

Melodee said...

your new mug is so cute, Marshall's is awesome, eh??how sweet your text messages are:) so good to be happy!

Jennifer said...

How sweet! (the text from your hubs!) I love's seriously one of my absolute FAV things to do! =) I'm following your blog. Looking forward to reading! Thanks for commenting on my Coffee & L.O.V.E post today!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

What fun plans you have coming up! I always love having fun things to look forward to. That is a cute mug, and your hubby sure is sweet!

black tag diaries said...

what fun plans you have!! my spring is starting to fill up too! it's funny how the calendar can be essentially empty one moment then filled to the brim the next. i have an empty smash book that i've been holding onto too... need to break it out. hope you will show us yours once you start filling it up!