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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Virtual Coffee 2-28

                Another Tuesday? I remember when I just adored Tuesdays because when I worked full time I always had Tuesdays off. Started off as Tuesdays and Wednesdays till I negotiated trading that Wednesday for Saturday. Now Tuesdays of course mean linking up with Amy for Virtual Coffee.Only I'm out of coffee (sad,I know) so I'm going for a big mug of tea that is just about gone already.

                I think I'm better off with the tea anyways because I have last night's Indian food still sitting in the pit of my stomach.And I relive it when I burp.Yeah that's pretty gross! But really it's like a Tikka Masala hangover.

             So I have to tell you about Caleb's first visit to the eye doctor last night. First of all the kid has perfect vision like his dad.Sorry big kids! Ya'll got my eyes.I was slightly disappointing because he looked A-Dorable when he tried frames on but then I remembered that paper at home for peewee football and I'm glad he didn't have to get them. Then of course there's always entertainment with Caleb. When he was reading the letters on the wall he started using his scary monster voice and I just couldn't contain myself. He is just too funny. Man,I'm really gonna have a hard time sending him to school next year.

Ok,lets get this over with.

I did another Pinterest recipe. It was a hit with the kiddo's. You can find it here.

Obviously mine aren't that pretty........

           Does your child's school do Accelerated Reader? Ours does and I can't help but think if they had it back in my day I would have been the queen of the school when it came to AR.Always had my nose in a book. It makes me a little sad that my kids really don't care to read as much as I did.But they do read. Which is great. But I wanted to see them with more points on the wall. Both Emma and Noah love my Kindle Fire and want one for themselves. So I presented a challenge: 150 points at the end of this school year and you must read the Harry Potter Series. Emma is on her way! She is on now on Book 5 and has 70 some points. The only downfall? My books look like this now:
But I suppose this is how a much loved book is supposed to look. Now that I think of it,
I need to make my Bible looked like this!!
Guess Emma means business. Thankfully books 6 and 7 in our house are hardback!
What are some ways you try to foster a love of reading in your kids?

Thanks for joining me for coffee. I have a super busy week coming up. Dinner with some girlfriends tomorrow{Ladies Leap Night Out},Emma's chorus concert on Friday night,Celebrating my Mama's 50th all weekend with a girls day out on Saturday and family dinner on Sunday. (I adore my mummy and want to make it a great weekend for her!!) I have no reason to leave the house today and hopefully it stays that way.

Have a Lovely Day!!



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Claire said...

oh, that's my favourite happy potter!! i adored that one :)
and how cute your boy looks in the big chair :)
my two go in on their own nowadays - 16 and 14 - where does the time go??
thanks for coffee :)