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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Virtual Coffee 2-21 {sorry for skipping last week!}


Sunday nights tea.Sipped during the season finale of Downton Abbey.

         Thanks for joining me for coffee today. Went grocery shopping this weekend and got myself a big bottle of Italian Sweet Creamer. My favorite!

Have you noticed that the sun is starting to stick around a little longer in the evenings? I have. It makes me happy. A trip to the Hob (This is what I now call Hobby Lobby and it's a nod to The Hunger Games!) on Friday with Josie and Ellie was a fun time. They have all of their 'Spring Shop' items out.Pretty pastels,bunnies and beautiful things proclaiming 'He Is Risen!' Love it!

Who else is ready for a warm breeze to bring the fragrance of spring in through the open window? Air it out. Let all that stale air that winter provides disperse among the newness. I feel somewhat refreshed just thinking about it.

Yesterday brought on some time with my friend Erin. We got our craft on and did some thrifting.

Erin made this headband and onesie for Stella. She is selling them to help fund her mission trip to Tanzania!

The Candle store I recently discovered is going out of business :( But I scored all this (and a rootbeer candle) for $8!

Erin bought a set of Pyrex at the Red White and Blue. She broke up the set and gave me the big mixing bowl! Then my favorite Scentsy Rep Carri stopped by with these goodies for me. I have awesome friends!

If we were really having coffee together I would offer you some almond dark chocolate shortbread. We are all loving these around here.Thankfully they were on sale and I had a coupon. Score!

I have some really exciting things coming up around here with some of my other blogging friends. I hope you'll stick around.



Verena said...

Hobby Lobby is awesome, I could spend my entire day there and prop. my entire money as well ;) Your Stella is just as cute as mine. Don't you love that name. If you ever look for a cute book for her, go and find Stella, the Star. We love it! Have a great day Nikki and thanks for stopping by

april@gingerbread said...

I think going to church for lent is perfect! What a great way to reconnect....if you ever want help with your blog I would love to help....I have kinda taught myself how to do everything cause I couldnt pay
have a great week...xoxo