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Monday, February 6, 2012

smiles all around this weekend

Hello Monday! I think I love you! No,really.What could this week hold? The weekend itself was fantabulous. Grocery shopping at a new store on Friday night.(I know you may think this is weird but I really enjoy going to a new grocery store.)Never left the house on Saturday (downside to that was missing out on that days photo challenge,getting a picture of a stranger.) But the girls came over for craft night! We probably did more talking and eating than craft night but that's ok.

I made sure to cover the table in case of any oopsies.

Sarah, Josie and Joeyann
Stuff Everywhere! Sarah is working on her Cricut. It's on my wishlist now for sure!(My poor hubby!)

Magnetic artwork done by cousin Joeyann for me.
I worked on a bit of needle point in between bites of pizza and pineapple upside down cake. I also painted and decoupaged a tray. If you like click HERE for all our finished products and a super embarrassing picture of ME!!!

Yesterday I hit up the craft store and got some more stuff for next time. Josie will hold it at her house.
Can't wait!

I also bought a new teacup/mug for my collection. I can't wait to use it!

Capped off the weekend with fun foods (homemade guac again,little tiny samosa's,ice cream sandwiches etc..) and tried to watch some awesome commercials but football kept interrupting it!I am glad the Giants won though. As a Steeler fan there is no way on earth I could ever root for the Pats! Halftime was also better than expected.Over all though I wanted it to be over so I could send the kids to bed and crawl in bed myself because during the game I DVR'd Downton Abbey (season 2,episode 5) BTW Downton fans-did you happen to catch SNL the other night? I watched because I LOVE Bon Iver but they spoofed Downton and it was hiliarious! You can catch it HERE.

Have a great Monday!! Make it Fancy!!

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