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Friday, February 3, 2012

InstaFriday 2-3

A rather sparse Instafriday.Not much to see.

I'm rather excited about tomorrow.I really needed some girl time so I just posted on Facebook that I wanted 3 people to come over on Saturday evening,bring a snack,bring a craft and just come over and hang out. I limited it to 3 as I have a square dining table and we would all get some equal work space. We'll see how it turns out so perhaps we can do it again (and expand?)

Painting projects have been so relaxing of late that I picked another. I went with Erin to Hobby Lobby last night an hour before they closed. We learned an hour is not long enough to spend at Hobby Lobby. But I should know that. My mom and I once spent the length it took Tim and the kids to see a movie once :)

Ok,on to this weeks photo's.......

Why yes,that is the view in a room at the ER. Take my advice: Don't text and drink iced coffee while walking down some potentially icey steps.That's all me and my purple bum have got to say about that.

Best toy find ever! Little people Bat Girl and Wonder Woman. I think Easter bunny just may have to bring her the Bat Cave in her Easter basket
This is Stella. Up at the big kids school. Just taking it all in. (not sure why she's sticking her tongue out!)
Tim wanted Fajita's for his birthday dinner on Sunday. So I made fresh corn salsa to go with it and Emma made some delicious guacamole.She looks so grown up here. {sigh}

We are blessed with another sunshiny,milder kind of day around here. Love it!

 life rearranged
Have a super Friday!

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Holly said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you ended up in the emergency room! Ouch! :(