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Friday, February 24, 2012

InstaFriday 2-24

What a week! A very busy week! I'm super excited to say I have NO plans for the weekend. I think I won't even shower or change my clothes. Kidding!But I think I will finally finish Mockingjay and I did talk to a friend about going to church on Sunday.

This is hands down my favorite pic of the week. Caleb and I are indeed silly. Together.All of the time.

I'm still doing the #febphotoaday challenge but missed 'Where I work' because well I don't work anywhere anymore and I was too busy for yesterdays pic of my shoes.
Day 17-Time  Day 18 Drink

Day 19-Something I hate to do {spend my Sunday Cleaning} Day 20-My handwriting.

Day 21-A favorite pic of me {me and my sis Courtney circa 1997,I miss my nose ring and purple Radiohead shirt} Day 24-inside the bathroom cabinet

Dinner on Meatless Monday-Matar Paneer.So yummy!

As chair of donations I rounded up all of the prizes for the Chinese Auction at our schools Fundraiser. I had a teen helper from the high school for selling tickets.Our teachers played 'Minute to Win it' We had a blast!!

Love,Love,Love my necklace made by my friend Erin. She is selling these to fund her missionary trip. I'm so excited for her!

Another Blessing from one of my BFF's.

I've never seen these before. Kinda weird!

Ugh! Every night anymore!

The Big kids had eye appts. on Saturday.Caleb tried frames just for fun. How adorable is he???

Erin and I went to the antique store on Monday.This is a view from the top of the stairs:

And this is a calender from the year I was born:
Does this mean I'm an antique?

Sweet little Ellie at Baby Gap trying on shades :)

So that is my week in pictures.If my weekend goes how I kind of want it to I really won't have any pictures ;)

life rearranged

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Melodee said...

how fun, I love minute to win it! oh, and you do "work" somewhere, aren't you the CEO of your family? haha! have a great weekend!