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Monday, February 27, 2012

Crossing one off the wishlist

I did leave the house on Saturday after all. Jos and I went to 2 vendor/craft shows. Didn't find a whole lot. There was Scentsy but I already have the hook up on that. I did however grab literature on Watkins and Skinny wraps. I did like tables full of imported papers but the sales lady was way too pushy for my liking. I also found the area's only Thrive rep. I read about Thrive on another blog recently so I did give the lady my contact info. I'm interested to try it.

Then we went to a store called The Frugal Cottage. Josie had been there before and was excited to take me there because girlfriend knows my love for all things old and before my time. We both spotted this old Hoosier style kitchen cabinet at the same time. She said 'That's so you! You need to get that!' I looked at the price tag. $60! Super cheap for an item like that. But it may as well have been a million because I had like $6 out the $15 I started with for the day. However after a phone call to both of our hubs (mine for the go ahead,hers for the pick up) It was mine! She fronted me the cash like an awesome friend does. {Have I mentioned her awesomeness before? Because she is. No one has a heart like hers. I'm soo glad she gets to use that heart on her very own gorgeous daughter now.}We also managed a bit of haggling and got it for $45.

So there's the shot I sent Tim. Right before I called him. So he knew what I was calling about. I'm all for decopauging. Its a skill I'm getting to know again.(I did my nightstand in high school with all kinds of pictures of Courtney Love and Nine Inch Nails etc.I also did an old metal lunch box that is up in the attic somewhere)But I was not to keen on the taco boxes. Emma and I stripped the 2 top doors when I got it home. Also you can't see them in the pic but there are miniature chess pieces glued to the top.We took those off as well.

So here it is in what I believe to be a temporary spot in my dining room. I say temporary because it's getting so crowded in here. A bit out of hand. Aside from the table and this shelf it is also housing Tim's desk,an Ikea dresser filled with crafty goodness,Caleb's toy pile,a high chair and a wine rack. I'm a little anxious sitting amongst all of it.
I sure do love it though and I love that Emma is the one who decorated it. I just may have passed the junking bug onto her after all!

So that was my original plan for the weekend.When I got home I resumed that plan while Tim and Noah worked on a major house project. I finished Mockingjay (was team Peeta all along!) and started Miss Peregrines. Which so far is excellent but I'm thinking I want the actual book.Not the Kindle version.

Finally made it to church again yesterday. Decided to dive in head first and sign up for the homeless ministry.Passing out meals on Saturday Nights. I went with Amy who I know through the kids school even though our kids are 2 years apart. When her and I get together we talk,and talk and talk. She wants to go back too and signed up with me. She is also very,very involved in our little community. I think that's cool.Maybe that will rub off on me.

Now to enjoy an almost Spring like day (Got the French Lavender Scentsy going on with the Lemom-Lavender Yankee fired up on my new shelf) and figure out what is on the menu for Meatless Monday!

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