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Sunday, January 15, 2012

written with heavy eyelids

3 day weekend around here. Day 2 almost over.I never even left the house this weekend.The kids had friends yesterday and then today everyone seemed to be getting sick.

I didn't do a whole lot.I want to sew or craft but lighting isn't striking right now.It is only about 6:30 now and my eyelids already feel sort of heavy.

Lists were made. Lists of dreams,what I can do to make life better,how an ideal day should run........and a menu:

cute paper from Target $1 spot.
I know a lot of people post their menu's in their kitchen. I've decided to no longer do that. Sometime I receive feed back from little people that I don't need or want ;)

So from now on I will write it down and can keep the menu in my purse if needed. I really think making a menu makes life easier.

I guess I will join Tim on the couch and watch Beetlejuice for the eleventy thousandth time. I hope I have energy tomorrow to jazz up the house a bit. The only itty bitty thing I did today was move the basket of Scentsy bars. Girlfriend grabs,smells and exclaims 'MMMmmmmMMM!' And then they are everywhere.

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Crystal said...

gorgonzola stuffed chicken breast sounds amazing - do you have a recipe you can share?

i make a menu too and it definitely makes life easier. in addition to keeping the grocery bill down, it just saves stress because you always know what's coming. my kids can't read yet, so i don't have to hide it :)