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Monday, January 9, 2012

Treasure Hunt

This past Saturday was simply gorgeous. It had all the makings of a fresh spring day.Near 60* and sunny.Nothing about it would make you think it was the first Saturday in January.

I woke up super early thanks to the sun peeking through the curtains. I had my coffee and pondered the stuff we talked about doing around the house.But I had an itch to break out of the house. I went on Craigs List and typed in 'Flea Market' hoping to get lucky. Success! An indoor flea market on a farm about a half hour away.

All of these little things were $1 each.
All for Stella's room.

Went to the Salvation Army Superstore. The only thing super was the furniture but I didn't take any home.

I pretty much love this table though.
No room in the car for her.

1) Awesome train set.
2) Annie trading cards
3)Vintage Valentines with the lollipops still attached.(kinda gross)

Sort of pains me she didn't understand my excitement over this cabinet.Or my horror over it 
$2500 price tag.

Last stop of the day was the Ohio River Antique Mall. All this time I never stepped foot in the awesome purple painted building. It was amazing and and I'll have to get more pics next time. 3 floors full of cool old stuff.

 We also had sushi which of course makes any day better. Yesterday we finally got all of the Christmas stuff put away.This makes some people feel blue. An after Christmas let down I guess. Not me though. Just nice to have my house back to normal and look forward to this years Christmas.

Attempting to finally use that sewing machine today. Wish me luck!

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