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Monday, January 23, 2012

To start the week off............

Well,the weekend wasn't a total waste.The weather guy said we were in for some big snow.So Friday night I went to Joann's (after sushi with the hubs) for some fabric to work some magic on my sewing machine just in case we were cooped up in the house all weekend.

I woke up Saturday morning knowing I was not going anywhere.One because I had already seen the snow come down fairly hard over night and two because my throat felt raw and my head was spinning.So after a cup of tea I went back to sleep and slept till 2PM!!

After a shower,more tea and bite to eat I felt way better. After reading some more of The Hunger Games and making my family some tuna noodle I made my way out with Erin after all. I had no idea we had a Charming Charlie around here!! I had heard of these on a few other blogs. They have the cutest stuff. I got a cute headband there and a sweet little bunny ring dish at Anthro.Then I stocked up some goodies at Trader Joes.Their chocolate covered potato chips are my weakness.

        Yesterday I was back out again with the hubs and our tag along Stella.I cannot stay in.I just cant. I hit up Michaels because I had a coupon and because it was Sunday and hoblob was closed. I got some Smash book stuff, scrapbook paper and a frame for the project seen above and some paint because I want to do a project I found on Pinterest and of course now I can't find the pin! We also went into Ikea where I couldn't find any of my pins of stuff I wanted. I did however remember that I wanted to get the wooden magazine files to use as corner shelves.So I did.

Today was just a day full of getting stuff done.Even though I got up fairly late I'm happy to report that I had me and the babies bathed and dressed,the living room all clean and a load of dishes done by 2 pm! We never got a chance to enjoy the temps in the 60*'s today though because the weekends snow made it a huge wet mess outside.Then it rained like crazy making it even messier out there!

I finally got some little pig tails on Stella and she looks A-Dorable!
These guys made me smile a whole bunch today.

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