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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lists,a sofa and books.

My coffee(pecan praline with maple brown sugar latte creamer) has long gone cold by now.Since it's been made I have made plans with a friend for Saturday morning,showered,taken care of a sick kid (it's Emma who is hardly ever sick!)by making her peach tea with honey,ate an English muffin with goat cheese and strawberry jam,changed a diaper and wrote a note to someone only to miss the mailman by about 55 seconds.

Now I have an excuse for a walk later-if the rain dies down a bit.

So it is a Tuesday. Time for coffee with Amy. If we were sipping on a cuppa together what would I chew your ear off about?

   Tomorrow evening is the very first RFL meeting of the year. We get to hear about our theme for this summer so we can start planning for our site. Another reason for the weirdo in me to make more lists. Man,I love list making.

Speaking of which. I got the coolest little notepad last night. Tim needed to head to Staples so I just went for the ride.I hadn't left the house since grocery shopping on Friday night.  I did not walk out of there empty handed though.

 The Mini Goals Notepad. It's awesome. Each page has space to 2 goals to get done. It was only $4. I think the edition I have is a bit different from the one at Amazon as mine has 75 pages and not 100. Seems to be a different color too. (BTW,Sharpie pens ROCK!)

I might also talk about how much I want this sofa from Ikea. Like really,really want. I will find a place for it.That is how much I want it.

Isnt' she fun?

                    Oh! I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started reading 'The Hunger Games'. It's not typical of the books I usually read but so far I'm enjoying it. I hope to finish them before I see the movie. Kind of like how I still need to read 'The Help'. A long,long time ago way before I had kids or even a Tim I read like crazy. Like got the 20 books max out of the library and read them all before their 3 week due date. I was a bit of a nerd. I sorta kinda miss her. Well,that part of her. Not the part where she listened to Metallica and Nirvana cassettes continuously.

Ok,I'm going to attempt those goals.....after the main goals of course (dishes,laundry etc...)
Have a Fantastic Tuesday!

PS- I FINALLY got a button.Check it out up there. If you grab it I'll be super happy and super excited to post yours as well (If I haven't already!)


{cuppakim} said...

the couch is SO FUN. loving that notebook check list. brilliant.

i tried adding your button - but i had this problem before with another person's button (not sure why) but it wont work in my scrolly thing. so sad. i think the issue is on my end. gotta work to figure that out. :)

and hunger games! YAY!

The Sweet Life said...

I loved loved loved Hunger Games!!! I'm reading the Help...I've been reading it for a while now. :/. I do live it though!! Happy Tuesday!!!

Melodee said...

love that couch! I have Hunger Games on my list after I get it back from my kids, haha!