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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's cold.......really cold.

It is,with out a doubt,a hot tea kinda day around here.I had some Tazo wild sweet orange and now I'm onto the sweet and spicy stuff. Think I'll try the lavender sencha I got at Wegmans yesterday. (That store was awesome and I really think they need to put one around here.Right next to a World Market.A girl can dream,right??) It is down right cold.Windy too. The kind of day where the sun shines brightly in the windows only you know better. Know what it's really like out there.

The big kids went back to school today. I stuffed their pockets with gloves and hats amid the protests. I told them they can thank me later.I also promised hot cocoa when they got home.

To capture all 4 looking semi normal at the same time can't be done.

We drove east on Friday. The turnpike is always an adventure.
Filled with bathroom breaks,'look at that's and odd radio stations.

Yay!! Our exit!! Thank goodness because I have to pee again!
We had a nice weekend filled with family and lots of food.
Oh and punch. Lots of green punch.

I love this stuff.
Stel-bel is quite taken by Memaw's North Pole sign.
Caleb can always pull off a silly hat. He also said it was his lucky day
because he got that sticker at Walmart

We rang in the New Year right in the middle of the town square.
The weather was a mild 50*.
There were fireworks and dancing.(Including a weird drunk guy)
Confetti and noisemakers.
And Noah pulling off some sweet Travolta moves.


We spent lots of time opening gifts at my in-laws house. (Among my favorite's is the monogrammed Lazy Susan Tim's aunt bought us.) There are family photo's everywhere in their house. And I think this one is my favorite:
He said not to post this on FB but he never mentioned here!!
That cute little boy? Well,he's all grown up (gonna be 34 in a few weeks!) and married to a super cool chick with 4 kids of their own ;)
I think he looks so much like Caleb in this pic which is funny because I always thought Caleb looked more like my side of the family.

In our spare time we hit up sales and stores we don't have 'round here. I scored 'The Notebook' box set for $10. Now I can see Ryan Gosling look pretty swell and depress myself all at once whenever I feel like it!

So now it's 2012! Did you buy your new calender yet? Did you make resolutions that you probably won't keep? I'm just excited it's a new year. I pray for new adventure (you know,more stuff to write about!)

Well the snow is coming down hard and fast now. And I have boxes to send up to the attic for the next 11 months. Ok,after the next cup of tea.

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The Morris Family said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!!! Looks like you have quite a brood yourself!! Blessings to you as well!!!