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Friday, January 20, 2012

InstaFriday 1-20

I haven't had many photo ops this week for InstaFriday. If all of my plans go accordingly tomorrow I will have TONS! I'm excited.
I so need to get out.
Really bad.

If the weather doesn't cooperate I will have a sad.

View-Master still rocks.

If you are on my FB you know all about me wanting the LAVENDER sink/toilet.

They were actually on Craigslist.Just come by and pick them up. Tim and Noah drug them home for me last night.
In the falling Snow!

Double Earl Gray on Wednesday. Walking up to grab Noah from school.
I'm about halfway now (This was taken a few days ago) LOVE it!!

I still can't get over Tim and Noah dragging home a used toilet in the snow for me. (My neighbors were getting rid of them) So what are they for?
Well for the longest time I have been wanting to put a bathroom in our basement. All of the plumbing is there. We have a Pittsburgh toilet down there but never used it. So I really want to put in a nice (much needed as a family of 6!) second bathroom. I have been wanting to do it in all purple and black. Here is my pin board I've been keeping on it.

life rearranged


Danna said...

I love the purple sink and toilet!

I had a View-Master when I was a kid and LOVED it, mine was yellow and orange. Hello child of the 80's, ha!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Holly said...

OMG I LOVE the purple sink! That is seriously awesome! If I'd seen that advertised on Craiglist I would have wanted them too. Is the rest of your bathroom going to be designed around them? :)

Melodee said...

love the vintage view finder!!!! what happened to those good ol' toys of our youth?

Melodee said...

tagged you in a post Nikki hope you can play
xo Melodee