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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Happiness} on a Tuesday

If we were talking over hot mugs today I would probably chew your ear off about.................

My project inspired by the chest in this picture
That I started watching this and it's every bit as good as people are saying.
That I can't get enough of this with lots of honey.
That I've been enjoying the sounds of this pair.
How much I REALLY want a new Vera in this pattern!
I'd tell you about how I'm loving the way this is making my house smell.
and of course how I started reading this right away after finishing the first one.

               I would probably also tell you that my menu last week failed. Ok,well not failed but you know not everyday goes as planned so on some day's I didn't make what was planned (or anything at all) so if I were to post this week's you'd probably see all the stuff I never got around to making last week. Then of course I would ask you for suggestions and you would more than likely give me one of the 6,382 ways to make chicken breast.

I would also talk about the kids of course because they are after all, my world. About how my mama bear instincts came out and I ended up looking like an idiot (long story) and that you can buy a 5 year old some nice shiny new toys that cost a pretty penny but he seems to be happiest with the leftover paper towel tube.
Oh yeah-someone can say her own name now 'Stowel-a!!'. Totally biased but it's quite possibly the cutest thing going on in the world these days.

Did anyone else luck out on scoring some of the Harajuku kids stuff at Target for 75% off? Stella got the sweetest little outfit for under $6.........Now I have to stalk the dress I want for her.



april@gingerbread said...

You had me at the multicolor dresser.....and I read all 3 hunger games books! Swoon... Thank you for the sweet comment, have a great week friend!

Jenn said...

Found you via Virtual Coffee-- totally loved the Hunger Games trilogy-- I couldn't put the books down! With you 100% on the Civil Wars-- and glad to hear another person recommends the Downtown Abbey series. I have had several friends say they loved it-- and it's in our que-- but I have yet to watch it.

Have a great week!

{Amy} said...

i love that dresser, i have that pinned, too ; ) i really need to start watching that show too because i have heard so many good things about it. oh that stuff at our target is not that marked down like that, i am keeping a close eye on something i want for charlotte..stalking it. thanks for coffee!

Claire said...

downton IS wonderful, isn't it?
transformed sunday evening viewing here in england :)
and i love tazo teas, esp. the zen... *sigh*
thanks for coffee xx

missris said...

I LOVE Downton Abbey! It's totally addicting!! :)

Anna said...

Popping over from Virtual Coffee to say hi!

I've been wanting to watch Downtown Abbey and read Hunger Games. :)

{cuppakim} said...

we have SUCH similar taste!
downton abbey, civil wars, hunger games, passion tea.

yes to all of it.
times infinity! :)