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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

chit chat (morning coffee)

Oh,morning coffee how I love thee. After my coffee/computer time I really like to just go through my list and get stuff done.  But for now let's have coffee together. I'm joining up with Amy for Virtual Coffee. (Only today I'm actually forgoing the coffee-for now-I'm having white hot cocoa!)

Here's a few things I would chat about if we were sitting together over some steaming mugs.

  • Tim stayed home yesterday. I'm not sure what it is but there is something about having him home during the day(during the week) that really just throws me off. I got nothing done. Except shower.A long one.Because he was there with the little kids.
  • We completed our collection of Harry Potter DVD's.
  • I'm in a cooking rut.Even with Pinterest! I need some ideas.
  • After my 'treasure hunting' yesterday and a marathon of 'American Pickers',I realize how crazy I am over old stuff.I can't wait to head out again. My poor husband.
And finally I would just bare my heart on something that's been weighing on my mind. A few days back I received an invitation to join 'Linked In'. I know my husband uses this form of social media.It's for professional networking. Reads a bit like a resume.I think.Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I don't have a career.I chose to be a mom and stay home to raise to my kids. But for a slight moment it made me feel less than. There was a time,when my older kids were little,I worked full time.Brought home a nice paycheck.I even took care of our insurance. Back then I longed to stay home with them.To enjoy them more.I came home to them tired and cranky.Dude,I missed out. I know I did. I know that what I'm doing now is what's best for our family.But for a second that email made me feel like I wasn't contributing.Not receiving accolades for a job well done. I don't know . It just bothered me a bit.

Then of course I would change the subject for something lighter like showing you the dent on my finger from Stella.Girl can clamp down when I trying to fish something out of her mouth.Something Caleb left laying around.

Can't wait for Thursday. I'm having a real,honest to goodness coffee-or maybe even dinner-with my girl Josie on Thursday.Woot!


    Ann LeClercq said...

    I feel that way, too, sometimes, especially when out with Hubby and grown-ups. Everyone changes the subject when the find out I'm a SAHM. So remind yourself that what you contribute to your family cannot be measured by money. It is beyond value. You are teaching your children that they are more precious than anything, even a resume on LinkedIn. Children whose mothers stay home with them will be better educated and prepared for success in the "real world" when they leave the nest. They tend to have better self-esteem. They turn out so much better in the end in general. You are not "less than" - you are "all that, a bag of chips, AND A SODA!" Chin up, girlfriend - YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!
    Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker

    The Frat Pack + Me said...

    Being a stay at home mom is an investment in all of our futures! Yay you! I have been home for almost 15 years ;-)

    {Amy} said...

    i think there are moments when we all feel like that at least for a minute. i have felt this way when surrounded by a group of working women, what am i gonna contribute to that conversation? but i am just on a different path right now and soon enough i will be back to work longing for the days at home...
    thanks for coffee nikki!

    Miss Angie said...

    Visiting from virtual coffee.

    I don't think you should feel less than at all. Being a mom is hard work too, and Ioften find myself wondering what I'll do when I have kids. Keep working? Or stay home?

    I think kids raised with someone at home who care about them have a better chance at growing up well and smart. Not saying kids with a working mom do not, but someone who cares (even if it's a family member or something) is way better than daycare or anything in my mind.


    redheadreverie said...

    Trust me what you are doing is more than just "a job" you are molding young minds, raising great kiddos and keeping everything running. Money and job titles aren't a measurement of our worth, it's the fact that we can look ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day and say "YOU ROCKED IT TODAY." And so keep on rocking cause you are doing GREAT!!!!

    Claire said...

    indeed! we're investing in our children's future! what better 'job' is there???
    take care and do drop by for coffee and a giveaway in crazingly, balmy england...

    april@gingerbread said...

    girl im crazy over old stuff too! My son and I watch american pickers whenever its on...and he is 10! Old stuff rocks! xoxo