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Sunday, December 4, 2011

In which I realise I'm ridiculously dependant on my smart phone.

This weekend just flew by-thankfully. My little ones are still sick. Sick like Caleb has stained the carpet and Stella has doubled her weight in phlegm. Ewww! The tree is still not up.Lights? Nope. Christmas card picture taken? Not yet!

Friday did NOT go as planned. My iPhone died. Not sure how. The guy at the 'Genius Bar' said it was undiagnosed hardware failure. My warranty expired nearly 3 months ago. So I ended up with a refurb. While I was doing all of that I missed our boro's Light Up Night. I missed my Noah on the Firetruck with Santa! I hadn't backed up the phone since September so I lost some numbers and all of my photo's since then. But I'm really grateful to still have the last text messages from Manda.

Tim and I went to the Christmas Banquet for the new company he works for. It was nice even though we sat with a hole table full of people we don't know. They had drawings for prizes and I won! Some company logo gear and a $25 giftcard for won too.Logo gear and a PF Changs gift card. Date night!!! Oh! My logo gear is a luggage tag. I hope it's a sign we get to go away for the conference again.This time it's in New Orleans!
I did do a little bit of decorating. I made some paper garland. I bought tons of Christmas scrap paper. I think I may make a bunting with the leftovers. I also went grocery shopping for the week so I won't have to leave the house and can devote my time to all things Christmas! (Except on Thursday when my little guy turns 5!)

Time for bed.............time to end this weekend.

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