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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A nook and a kindle

So about a year ago my Mr. surprised me a Singer Furtura Quartet.
I'm ashamed to say I have NO IDEA how to operate this gorgeous piece of machinery. But I'm gonna learn!
To help me even further on this venture he lovingly put together a little sewing and crafting nook for me in the spare closet in our bedroom. (If you live in a very old home like mine,you know there is no such thing as a real closet,just the one's they made out of the recess' next to the chimneys.)

I need to give her a name like my pink Kitchenaid.(Penelope) Any suggestions?
He added some cool wallpaper on the back wall. The ThirtyOne tote has my fabric stash in it.
Lots of crafty stuff in those boxes.
I love this little space. He is the BEST!!
As if I'm not spoiled enough: this arrived yesterday. I can't wait to read Liz,Kellee and Stephanie's books on here!!!

This will be my second to last post of 2011. I will work on my InstaFriday later on tonight (It's a doozy!!).Tomorrow we are off to celebrate Christmas and NYE with my inlaws. The kids are so excited! They have no cousins to compete with out there LOL.

I'm looking forward to the hotel pool and hanging out with my sister in law. Sometimes I can't get over how she was a little 13 year old (a year older than Em is now!!) when her brother and I first met and now she is married herself with a career and all. Crazy. Lucky for us her husband is a professional barber because my boys are looking quite shaggy these days!

This week is has just been 'off' having the big kids home.But that's ok,its a good 'off'. However my house looks like a bomb went off!

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{Amy} said...

i love your little nook, a perfect spot for all of your stuff! i was given a sewing machine a fe years ago that i have never figured out how to use...i sware that is a goal for me for the upcoming year!!happy new year to you!