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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More than a little,less than a lot.

Here we go on a Tuesday afternoon....
  •  I guess I'm not used to having sick kids. I took Stella to the drs and they said she had the common cold. That's it. I guess I'm sort of neurotic. None of my kids have ever had an ear infection. I wouldn't even know what to look for. They must have got this from Tim. When I was a kid I was the queen of strep throat. One year it led to Rheumatic fever. This is why I was held back a year.
  • Finally have most of our Christmas decorating done! Minus the tree and outside lights. This is the first time I have pulled out a lot of the knick knacks and such since 2008. 
  • Stella can now say 'Thank You'. It sounds more like 'dankoo' but it's so sweet. Gives me the warm fuzzys.
  • Can we say addicting? You need THIS app. Seriously.
  • While you're at the App store,down load North Way Worship Live. This is from my old church (the big one) You'll understand why I find the worship music so stunning.

I think we'll be seeing a lot of these.

  • I have no plans to get dressed today.
  • But I do have plans to make chocolate covered potato chips. 
  • Beef Stroganhoff is whats for dinner. It's Em's favorite dish. What makes it really special is that it's my Great Grandma Barbara Erhardt-Curtin's recipe. That means when Em learns how to make it for her family it will be a 5th generation recipe.How awesome is that?
  • Just remembered all the Shiny Brites I bought earlier this year. How could I forget?
  • I haven't made time for any of my girlfriends lately. I feel like a bad friend. A bad,lazy/busy friend.
  • I still plan on doing my giveaway! It's in the works. Really it is!


{cuppakim} said...

totally checking out the app right now. looks fun :)

and chocolate covered potato chips? YUM. totally worth making time for. :)

and i love beef stroganoff. when i was in russia i learned the dish was invented b/c "stroganoff" an official (i think?) had terrible teeth (or no teeth?) and needed something to eat that he could eat without a lot of chewing.
FUN FACT of the day ;)

Melodee said...

chocolate covered potato chips!?? OH MY GOSH YUM! love your new design! just switched mine up, too...happy Tuesday!

Liz Owen said...

I could use a pajama day! :)