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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Midweek musings..........

Helping mama make Christmas Pretzel treats.

Yesterday was a lovely day with my sweet 5 year old. He helped me in the kitchen. He asked a million questions (mostly about the logistics of Santa Claus and such!) and took a walk with me.

His 5 year check up was scheduled for 6.Tim wouldn't have made it home in time so we walked up. It was a nice walk.It had stopped raining by then and since it was dark out already we had a wonderful tour of lights! Do you have any idea how exciting Christmas lights are to a 5 year old?

The BIG tree in the middle of town.
Then we got to the main drag where he was in awe of the big tree and the lights on every corner. Then he asked about a million more questions. One of the stores in our little boro is a really cool antique shop. I've bought a few treasures there but I think it's somewhat overpriced. They have so much cool Pyrex but it's about 10 times as much as what I'd pay at a thrift store. I was absolutely in love with the little Wolverine tin kitchen set in the window. I'm not even gonna ask how much it is. They were once made right around here.

Must resist!!!

I need to peel myself away from the couch (and Clueless on E!),make another cup of coffee and ready myself for a day up at school with the big kids.I'm sooo glad that their parties are scheduled for different times so I can help out at both. I'm fairly certain that next year -up at the Jr. high- they don't have Christmas parties where mommy's come up and help. So I'm not missing this one!

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hannah singer said...

great, now i want pretzel treats AND to watch clueless.