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Friday, December 30, 2011

InstaFriday 12-30 (Last one of 2011!!)

I have TONS of pics from this week! Here's just a few!!

Totally digging on this hat from Target......I'll try to catch it when it has a red sticker on it ;)
My Em! Something so fun about trying on hats with the girls!

Erin and Stella
Milk drink at the Asia Grocer.
More trying on hats at Target. Gracie is both Erin's niece and one of Em's BFF's
Em and Gracie at Loews. We took them to see 'Breaking Dawn'
Stell-Bell at church on Christmas. That's her Bday dress. Way too pretty to just wear once!
I just love these!!
I rocked purple tights with my vintage flats on Christmas. Go me!
My niece Tiggles showing off her princess nails.

Linking up as usual with Jeannett over at her lovely blog.

life rearranged
See you guys next year !!!


Melodee said...

cute pics, and I totally love that your daughter is sporting an Edward Cullen T!!! right on!

Danna said...

I love the hat pictures, my girls and I do that too! You are totally rocking the purple tights & flats! I'm on team Edward too :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE her Edward shirt! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that comment was mine, but it didn't show my name... -Megan, (your card swap partner.) ;)