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Thursday, December 1, 2011

#1 Booger Wiper

I wish I could share with you that it's December 1st and we already have Christmas in full swing 'round these parts but it ain't so .What we do have is the first bout of some nasty colds for the little kids. I'm doing the motherly job of wiping up boogers and serving up lots of fluids. Caleb is still snoozing away and Stella is awake and very cranky. The only 'good' from having her sick is that she is super clingy and cuddly. I'm totally relishing in it. I like the way she tickles my fingers and then we both giggle. Then I feel a tinge of sadness when I think about how she is the last baby I have to mother like this. I try to just live in this moment.I think of this little one who needs me and how I just wanted to be her mom so bad. I'm sad for her that she is sick.I know she is uncomfortable and doesn't really know how to express it. Her happy disposition is replaced by a 'why me' kind of look.Poor baby.

So that is what we have here. Nothing fun or exciting. I've done no crafting this week,no new special meals.Heck,I'm lucky I managed a bit of mascara one day this week so far. But that's ok because my little monkeys needs me and that's why I'm here.........


Laura Bray said...

Super sick here too! Me, my husband and my daughter. Ick! You are right though, it's a great excuse to hunker down and cuddle and take some time to rest together.

Melodee said...

sorry you have sickies, but I laughed at your blog post title, funny:) moms have so many titles, eh?