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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Virtual coffee 11-22

Here's the latest 'round here......

One is for Earl Gray.......the other for coffee..........
  • Saturday I got up and helped out up at my new church.They gave away 175 turkeys to whoever wanted one. No questions asked.The line was down the street when I got there. I took prayer requests from people in line.One couple wanted us to pray for the safety of their 3 year old grandson. I don't know his story but I could see the heartbreak in their eyes.I felt so sad for them.Please hold little K up in prayer.I also felt so sad when we ran out and some people were still in line.I wish I could invite them all for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Later on the same day I learned that the family of one of Noah's classmates lost everything in a fire.I have 2 bags here for them full of clothing and personal care items (this is where couponing really comes in handy folks!) for them.A friend is picking them up later and dropping them off at the kids school.
  • I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year.I have yet to do my shopping.I should probably do some deep breathing exercises when I do.I'm sure the more I put it off the more stressful it will be!There will be 19 of us here.............
  • Dove dark chocolate with almonds is the STUFF!!
  • I had a Scentsy party Friday night.If you want you can order HERE if you like.May I recommend 'My Wish'?
  • Thinking of taking up embroidery. I actually did it a lot as a kid.My favorite was making French Knots.

So if we got together today,this is most likely what I would bring up. I'd probably also whine about my ever failing health but I know you don't wanna hear about that.I'd also brag about my craftiness this past week but I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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{cuppakim} said...

love the double mugging - earl grey plus coffee. i do the same thing.

love the no questions asked turkeys. brilliant.

and what i love more is that your job as a volunteer was to take prayer requests and pray for those people.

sounds like it was a practical and spiritual blessing to the people in your community.

{Amy} said...

i have thought about taking up embroidery too, i see so much cute stuff people have embroidered and i wish i knew how to do it. good luck with thanksgiving, hope you have a great day on thursday!