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35 Y/O wife to Tim and mom to Emma,Noah,Caleb, Stella and 2 babies in Heaven.Trying to walk in the path of the Lord and carrying my family with me. I love our 1902 home we purchased more 10 years ago. It is constantly evolving and goes through whatever changes my little heart desires. I love vintage treasures and I'm always on the hunt for them! My hope is that this blog will be a constant scrapbook for my family and home,a place to make new friends and just somewhere to lay out my thoughts,even if they aren't beautiful or inspiring. XoXo-Nikki

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tonight on the Biography Channel.............

I just wanted to play a little catch up here. My posts have been so filled with link ups and such in my attempt to connect to the blogging community. Which is awesome. I've noticed my traffic and followers going up.(Not that that is the reason I blog. None of those numbers count if we don't connect or interact.Please leave a comment and lets be friends!) So exciting :) So here's a little refresher on me:

Most importantly I am a wife and mom who loves her family and Jesus. I met my husband on Halloween 1998 and it was love at first sight.We had our daughter Emma only 1 year later. She is 12 now and a BIG surprise! Some medical issues earlier in life led 4 different doctors to tell me I'd never conceive on my own.Our son Noah is almost 10,Caleb is just about 5 and our baby Stella (so excited to get another girl after 11 years!!) just turned 1. We also have 2 Angel babies we lost in the summer of 2009.While those moments were defining for me they did not break me.

Our Family last Christmas.Sometimes I'm just in awe that this is ours.

I love to cook (when I have the energy,which as of lately I seem to lack).Sometimes I joke with Tim that he just married me for my cooking. I also pride myself in having my kids try unusual fair or exotic cuisine while they are little. I didn't even try a taco till I was 14! So it makes me pretty happy that my Emma loves sushi or that our family really gets our moneys worth at the Indian buffet.

We have this big old house we bought when we were pretty young.Young and dumb I always say.We just didn't realize the time and money it would take to really make it our dream home.And then our dream changed when we decided we wanted more than 2 kids. Then again there is always something to do here and the house is always evolving. There is only one room in the house that remains with plain white walls and that won't last long!

Our house is messy about 90% of the time. It's frustrating because I grew up in a very clean and organized home. I don't know how my mom(also a mom of 4) did it all because I just don't have it in me. I want it that way but it just isn't happening. But even if it's messy I still make sure it smells good. My house always smells wonderful. One of the best compliments I ever received was when a coworker came over for a party once.He was here all of a minute and said 'I love your house!It smells just like the holidays in here!'

Some long term goals for our home include:
  • Getting the basement (an old damp cellar) fixed up to include a utility room,laundry room,full bath and game room.
  • Knocking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen.Undecided about switching up the dining room and living room.Should I keep the living room where it is and have one HUGE kitchen? Or should we do one of those family room attached to the kitchen/great room deals? This may all depend on what we do with the basement.
  • Doing a total overhaul on our backyard. It's a joke. I wish Yard Crashers would stalk me at Home Depot one day and help me out.
Ok,looks like I'm a little very obsessed with my house.

Here are some other things about me:
  •  I grew up crazy obsessed with Hello Kitty.I think of a lot of that had to do with the thrill of the hunt.HK is every where now and not as exciting.
  • I have 2 tattoo's. I don't like them. But I'd still like to get another one day.
  • I can't get enough of Mumford & Sons these day.
  • I hardly ever watch tv anymore. I deleted all my stuff I had saved on the DVR. I'm ok with this.
  • I'm hoping Santa brings me a Kindle Fire and a gift card to 
  • I broke my ankle in 7th grade. I felt like I was pushed even though no one was behind me. I had a purple cast and none of my jeans fit over it. My cousin had to help me pull my pants over my cast and broke her nail.I think she was more sad about her broken nail than I was my ankle.
  • I really,really hope to go on a Mission trip one day and show my kids the importance of it.
  • My favorite books are all kids books like Gone Away Lake, Mindy's Mysterious Miniature,Something Upstairs and The Velvet Room.
 On a more serious note:
  • I'm feeling spiritually 'stale' lately. Pray for me.Pray for us. I'm not sure where we are on our walk with God.
  • I finally have a doctors appointment to talk about some of the weird stuff going on with me.My head just feels 'odd' all the time. More than likely its the shingles stuff but I'd be lying if I said it didn't freak me out. Same for the loss of balance and tingles in my arms...............
  • It's coming up on a year since we lost my little sister. I'm scared. I'm not sure of what.The emotional toll coming back? Seeing my parents devastated by the loss of their child? The holidays coming when I really notice her missing? There were 4 of us and now there isn't. Things aren't the same. We are missing a piece.

 I'm so much more than what you see here. 33 years of me.....I have visions in my head who I was,who I am and who I want to be.


    {cuppakim} said...

    i LOOOOVE hello kitty too.
    when i was a kid it was just NOT in the family budget.

    but one year when i was 10 or 11, my mom bought me an entire back to school kit from the Sanrio store (binder, folders, notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, everything).

    honestly, i just remember being SO thrilled that my mom knew how much it meant to me. i don't know what made her cave that year, but i do know i appreciated it like crazy.

    praying for you and all of the serious stuff you have going on. i can't say i understand losing a sister, but i can say i understand grief. or maybe not understand, but i get it. it doesn't make sense. and there is so much unknown to go through, especially each first milestone.

    praying for you. <3

    Danna said...

    I love the family picture!!!
    I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister, I cannot imagine how painful that must be. I will be praying for you.
    I hope that you get some answers at the doctor's office and that you will feel better soon!
    I feel like our house is evolving as well, although we would really like to move somewhere bigger and hopefully out of town a bit more.
    This is such a fun blog idea!