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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend 2011

I wish I could show you a bunch of great photo's I took on Thanksgiving but I was elbow deep in food all day so I never got that far. We hosted this year.I had my mom make the turkey though as I'm really intimidated by it for some reason.I've never made a turkey even though everyone says it's really easy. I did make creamed spinach,coleslaw,sweet potato casserole,mashed potatoes and Pioneer Woman broccoli cheese and cracker casserole.We had some great laughs when my 9 year old nephew asked what a 'tampoon' is.Kids!

Friday and Saturday were odd days. Last year on 'Black Friday' is when we lost my little sister in a car accident. .Which made it a year on Saturday. I had my moments on these days as I watched the photo montage we played at her funeral. Pictures of our family.Three sisters and then a few years later our brother was added into the mix.The house we grew up in.Photo's of her as a gorgeous teenager and then as a mom of 2.One of the last pictures is one of all 4 of us.I feel my heart just breaking when I look at that one.I think of my 4 and how much I want them to just always have one another.

Manda and her babies

Friday I had my much needed doctors appointment. They did a slew of blood work and put me back on blood pressure medication.I won't say the number but the weight I gained in the past year is downright shocking and making me quite mad at myself. Same with my blood pressure.

Saturday I went to Elliana's Christening. Ok just the luncheon.I took Emma with me and she got to hold Ellie.She delighted in her littleness and said how she missed Stella being that little.

Afterward I had a much needed nap and woke up to dine on all the leftovers from Thursday.Then I went upstairs and watched that video I mentioned.And Prayed. A lot.

The next morning I woke up feeling sooo icky. Just in pain all over and still so tired. I didn't think church was in the cards. I mentioned this to Caleb and he was so sad! He just loves our new church. How could I say no to him?? So we went and I'm so glad we did because the message this weekend about Lazarus.About how death is not final for those of us who believe in Christ.It so great for right where I was this past weekend. Plus we sang some great worship songs.

After church Tim and I played Santa and got tons of our shopping done.Our kids get 3 presents each,PJ's on Christmas Eve and a DVD to share. With their varying ages this will be harder this year. (Tim treated me to a few Christmas scented candles at Bath and Body Works and a fabulous purse from Claire's.On clearance for $3.49 from $28!!)

Today the kids are off again.I was going to do Christmas decor but I really don't feel like dragging all that stuff out of the attic. I would make it a jammies and hot cocoa day but the temps are in the 60's again so I think we should go outside and use it up while we can.So I think that's what we'll do.

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