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Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Day Project recap

happy day

Ok, I committed to the Happy Day Project with the BEST of intentions. Really I did. I'm pretty sure my dirty little secret (being a non driver) is what kept me from blessing people the way I should have.So anyways,here's my recap.

Day 1,Bring a Treat to a Neighbor:
Day one went GREAT! I baked up lots of little loaves of Choco chunk Pumpkin Bread in these adorable mini bakers from Michael's. 4 of my neighbors got them and I stuck either tea or cocoa on them. I've had this knife that belongs to my neighbor Kate since the block party so I stuck that on there for her too. I also made a whole housewarming gifts for some relatives that moved to the neighborhood. I had a lot of fun putting these together and can't wait to do it again! Maybe next week before Thanksgiving.

Day 2,Write a note:
Ok,day 2. Hand written notes. Easy Peasy as I LOVE sending out cards and notes. I sent one to my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law. I think it's easy to tell our own family's how much we care for them but not our in-laws. I wanted to tell them both I care for them across the miles.

Day 3,Gift card to the homeless:
Incomplete,see below.

Day 4,Book for a Friend:
I found this really cute book to send to a friend who just had a baby. It's packaged but not yet on it's way out of here.

Day 5, Refresh Someone:
Not completed. Before I totally understood the day's task I was going to drop off a bottle of favorite pop to a friends porch or something. But it was to pass out water to the possibly thirsty. It was a cool,rainy day. I wasn't sure where I was going to pass out water so it didn't happen.

Day 6,Thank someone in service: Not done either.Shame on me! Noah's BFF's dad is our fire depts LT. I'll have to send some cookies in with him for the crew!

Day 7, Blessing Bags:
Ok,I'm going to put this one hand in hand for day 3. This was not completed either and I felt really bad about it.But in all honesty I really have no idea where to to find someone in need like this all on my own. However yesterday I went to church and found what may be an opportunity to combine both days projects into one. I can gather items needed for the homeless and go out and bless them with a group from church. I'm really eager to do this. One of the people in charge of this project is a neighbor of mine so perhaps a knock on the door armed with pumpkin bread will spark up the conversation on how I can help :)

So there you have it. My experience with The Happy Day project. If this was a real school project I'd give myself a C-. Now I'm going to catch up with the other participants and see how they did :)


{cuppakim} said...

FABULOUS. Love that you made a valid attempt - AND keep it up - you totally can complete it, and I think your idea to help with the homeless ministry MORE than counts for 3 and 7. The important thing is that you share love with people. (Check!)

love that you included teabags with your treats. i wish i had thought of that :)

shelley said...

I still havent done my recap...I will work on it today though. thank you for sharing. many blessings.

hannah singer said...

yeah! keep going!
you're awesome, nikki!